Let’s face it, not all of us have a head for numbers. So it’s no surprise to learn that after call centres and IT work, outsourced bookkeeping is one of the most common jobs assigned to virtual assistants.

Having trouble hiring a virtual assistant whose expertise lies in accountancy and bookkeeping? Struggling to find one that’s fit for the job?

Don’t worry, it’s not because your standards are too high or because you’re impatient.

Rather, it could be because you’re making one of these three all-too-common mistakes!

Outsourcing your bookkeeping can be a significant risk. Luckily, you can avoid hiring a dud by taking steps to alleviate these common mistakes…

Using hand calculator and notebook to calculate business expenses bookkeeping

Mistake 1: hiring virtual staff that completely lack bookkeeping experience

We know what you’re thinking: how could you make a mistake this basic?

It’s because many virtual staffing agencies pull from a pool of applicants they keep on file. When you go to them, they pull a bunch of resumes they think roughly fit the bill and send them your way.

That’s how so many businesses end up with less-than-stellar bookkeeping staff!

Needless to say, the consequences of this can be disastrous: late reports, inaccurate expense sheets… the list goes on and on.

When choosing a virtual staffing agency, make sure yours is hiring with your specific needs in mind. You want applicants for your business, and by sticking to a fixed pool of applicants, you dramatically lower your odds of finding that perfect virtual assistant.

At VirutalStaff365, we get around this by being hyper-selective. It isn’t the number of candidates we present to you that matters – rather, it’s the number that we don’t end up sending your way!

Once we have a body of applicants, we cut the list down until we’re only left with a small handful of quality candidates to choose from.

Australian Individual tax return blank paper form

Mistake 2: no knowledge on Australian super, GST and tax

As an Australian business, you need to follow Australian tax rules. Failure to do so can lead to penalties:

  • Interest payments
  • Fines
  • Even jail time!

As such, you’ll want to ensure your tax and super obligations are being properly met.

Luckily for you, outsourcing is one of the pillars of the Philippines economy. Many of the workers in the BPO industry work for Australian businesses. The problem is finding them – it’s hard, but we’ve done it before!

If your business uses cloud bookkeeping however, the net widens considerably. Programs like Xero and MYOB have superannuation and GST features baked-in.

By sourcing applicants experienced in this software, we can track down an outsourced bookkeeper who can keep on top of GST, tax and superannuation for you.

One recent client for example we were able to find a candidate with a background in bookkeeping for Australian businesses. On top of that, she was Xero and MYOB-qualified too.

And while we’re on the topic of cloud bookkeeping…

Two server machiens computers resting on a cloud against blue sky

Mistake 3: hiring somebody who doesn’t know online bookkeeping

Gone are the days of physical spreadsheets and pocket calculators. Nowadays, bookkeepers and business owners alike can trust cloud bookkeeping with all their business finances.

This has a number of advantages.

  • Instant, real-time updates to your numbers
  • Integration with your bank accounts, automating your bookkeeping
  • GST, tax, superannuation… all of these are automatically processed

The result? Faster, more accurate bookkeeping.

Of course, if your virtual staff have no experience working with cloud bookkeeping, you won’t be enjoying these advantages!

During the hiring stage, we take great care to select virtual staff with a background in cloud bookkeeping. We choose outsourced bookkeepers who are competent with Xero, MYOB and other cloud bookkeeping programs.

This cuts out training time completely, and allows you to enjoy accurate, faster bookkeeping right off the bat.


Looking at outsourced bookkeeping?

Avoid these common mistakes by contacting VirtualStaff365 today!

Bookkeeping is crucial to the long-term survival of your business. In fact, it’s can be just as important as sales.

That’s because a lot of your decisions will be based on the numbers your bookkeeper gives you.

As such, you’ll want to make sure your outsourced bookkeeping is up to the job!

An outsourcing provider like VirtualStaff365 can help you find the perfect candidate for your business bookkeeping.

And unlike other outsourcing agencies, we take care of everything for you. We’ll post the job description, interview, onboard and even look after time-tracking. You can be as hands-on as you want – or you could focus on working and leave it in our capable hands!

Contact VirtualStaff365 at (03) 8842 4300 and together we’ll find the best virtual staff for your business today.