Managing a team of virtual staff can be difficult. You’ve got to deal with management, oversight, time-tracking, tasks and more… and all of this while fighting against the tyranny of distance and time zones!

Thanks to recent developments however, you don’t need a lot of resources to manage a team of virtual staff. In fact, we’d wager that this is why we’ve seen a boom in business outsourcing among small and medium businesses.

Of course, certain programs and tools are better than others!

Worrying about how you’re going to handle a team of virtual staff? Forget about FaceTime, emails or Facebook groups – if you want your business outsourcing to succeed, you need programs like…

virtual assistant working using online tools

Time Doctor

Time is of the essence – how much time is your virtual team taking to complete their projects and assignments? Are things being completed in a timely manner, or are projects running overtime?

Launched in 2012, Time Doctor is more than just a timer – it’s a productivity tool.

Trust me, that isn’t just marketing spin! In addition to tracking time on the clock, Time Doctor also measures time spend on individual projects and tasks.

Anybody who quotes jobs by the hour knows how important accurate time-tracking is. Time Doctor integrates with your project management tool, giving you the power to measure exactly how much time is spent on each individual job.

Not to mention, it also helps keep your virtual staff on-track by providing you reports and screenshots of what they’re doing.



So you’ve got dozens of different projects and jobs going on at once. How are you supposed to keep everything organised?

The answer: Teamwork.

Like the name suggests, Teamwork helps you with teamwork. In particular, it organises all the different projects and tasks you’ve assigned to your virtual assistants into tasks and sub-tasks. You can even assign project length and due dates.

Teamwork even comes with instant messaging to facilitate easy communication with your virtual staff, as well as a ticketing and helpdesk system to assign and resolve emergency jobs.



Looking for something a bit more in-depth than Teamwork? Try giving Slack a try.

On top of all the features that come with Teamwork, Slack goes a step further. If you have multiple projects going on, Slack allows you to organise your virtual staff into teams and assign them with jobs.

Each team will get its own instant messenger, file sharing, video chat and message boards, allowing your virtual staff to keep organised and collaborate better than ever before.

Another great feature of Slack is its integrations. Google Drive, Dropbox, email… Slack integrates 150 different programs, allowing your virtual assistants to collaborate and make changes all from a single program!


Google Drive

When you need your virtual staff to complete a task, you don’t want to waste time sending large files over email.

Luckily, Google has you covered.

In addition to collating internet search results, translation services, online shopping results and more, Google also gives you an easy-to-use platform to share all your files.

As a cloud service, Google Drive hosts all your files. This allows your virtual assistants to access them anywhere, anytime. And unlike the old-days, you enjoy these benefits without calling an IT company to set up a dedicated server and dedicated intranet like in the old days.

It’s simple really. Google Drive is extremely user-friendly – better yet, it’s free, making it the perfect choice for smaller businesses and those who mightn’t be as tech-savvy.



Communication is key to any successful organisation – especially one where your team might be split between multiple sites in completely different countries and timezones.

Even if you have other communication channels, nothing compares to a face-to-face meeting. Short of buying a plane ticket to the Philippines to see your virtual assistant in person, Skype is the next closest thing.

While everybody knows Skype at one stage, you might be less familiar with is Skype for Business, a version of Skype tailored for -who else? – businesses.

On top of instant messaging and screen sharing (great for virtual meetings and presentations), Skype for Business also integrates with your calendar, offers large-scale conference calling and allows for advanced call routing. If you want, you can set it up so that Skype replaces your entire phone system.

And for small businesses, Skype for Business is completely free!


Comprehensive business outsourcing solutions from VirtualStaff365

At VirtualStaff365, our work doesn’t end once we find you a virtual assistant – that’s just the first half of the battle.

The other half? Ensuring that you have the tools and infrastructure to get the most performance out of your virtual staff!

Once we find you the perfect virtual assistant, we help you get set up. We recommend programs and tools that make your business outsourcing experience seamless.

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