While there was a lot wrong with early 20th-century business practices (child labour and oligopolies spring to mind), they at least got one thing: the customer is always right.

Customer satisfaction forms the backbone of any business, regardless of industry and size. And naturally, customer service is key.

The customer experience before, during and after purchase hinges in large part on the service they receive. Naturally, you’ll want high-quality service that reflects your business’ values and reputation.

Do you find yourself struggling with the amount of customers coming in? Are you constantly taking customer queries home? Is hiring an extra staff member out of your reach?

If so, it might be time to consider outsourcing your customer service to a virtual team. What are the advantages of outsourcing your customer services?



1. Lowers operational and manpower cost

What’s the number one reason businesses outsource their unnecessary business functions?

The answer? Costs.

Many multi-nationals send business functions overseas to cut down on business expenses. And so can you when you outsource your customer service!

Furthermore, virtual staff don’t just save you money by lowering labour costs (although that’s certainly a big draw) – virtual staff can also significantly reduce the capital expenditure that comes with hiring new team members.

Instead of having to invest in office equipment like chairs and computers or additional office space, your virtual staff work from their own homes.

And if you need an office location, your outsourcing provider can provide that as well – say goodbye to those pesky overheads!


2. Quality work from quality staff

It takes a certain personality to work customer service. You’ll need someone who’s patient, attentive… and most importantly, someone who has a keen eye for customer satisfaction.

Finding someone with that perfect mix of skills can be time-consuming… especially when you’re drowning in customer queries!

Business outsourcing providers such as VirtualStaff365 provide top-notch customer service representatives, minimising your risk. We have a comprehensive process: multiple rounds of interviews, technical evaluations and even English-language testing are just some of the tools we can use to select experienced staff to look after your customers.

Best of all, when you outsource your staff, you don’t have to do anything until the final interview! We’ll take care of everything from job posting, pooling, hiring, training and deployment.


3. Time is money!

A couple years ago, I ran a  business selling items online . My evenings and weekends were completely filled by answering customer emails – I had no time for myself. My inbox would fill up with hundreds of emails even after a single day’s break.

I use this story a lot to illustrate the benefits of hiring virtual staff. While it might sound like I’m beating a dead horse, at the end of the day, business outsourcing is all about giving you your time back.

I know customer service can take huge chunks of your time. And as a business owner, you have bigger fish to fry.  

That’s where a virtual assistant comes in. Outsourcing your customer service to a virtual assistant gets you your time back, allowing you to focus solely on growing your business. You don’t have to worry about customer care service as you can delegate the tasks to your business outsourcing provider.

Who knows, you might find that your virtual assistant is even better at customer service than you are – that’s happened for me, at least!


4. “Please hold…”

Have you ever rung the bank, only to sit on hold for half an hour (or more) listening to the same tinny hold music loop over and over? We’re betting it didn’t exactly endear you to your bank (not that the banks are pleasant to begin with!)

If your team are overwhelmed with customer queries, it’s easy for the occasional call or email to spend an unreasonable amount of time waiting for a response. Even worse, some might just get lost completely!

A lot of the time, this can be chalked up to your business simply having an insufficient number of customer service agents to answer calls. And in some cases, other team members might even have to pick up the slack for them!

Outsourcing your customer service means fewer worries about whether all your calls are being processed. This also increases the productivity of the rest of your team. If things have gotten so bad that other staff have had to take on customer service responsibilities, a virtual assistant can allow the rest of your staff to get back to their actual roles.


5. Work Flexibility

Every business is different. Your business might need an additional customer service rep on a permanent basis. Another mightn’t be as sure their growth will hold.  

Fortunately, your outsourcing provider can guarantee you flexible solutions to suit your needs at any given time.

The recruiting process for a virtual staff member is short – we work fast and do all the legwork for you, giving many of our clients the power to scale their business operations up or down with minimum fuss.

Furthermore, our no-risk guarantee allows you to walk away with a 24-hour notice period for the first half year without losing any massive upfront deposits. This gives you plenty of flexibility in those rare cases where things just don’t work out first try.

While most of our virtual staff work to Australian working hours, we can also arrange other  hours, including weekends and night time work if needed. This ensures your customers are being served 24/7 no matter how high or low your demand is for customer support.


Choose VirtualStaff365 for business outsourcing solutions

In need of customer service and customer support staff for your business?

If so, it might be time to think about outsourcing. Virtual staff can improve your customer service functions, all while reducing labour costs and most importantly, giving you and your team your time back.

Whether you need someone to answer  the phones or answer emails, VirtualStaff365 can help you figure out if business outsourcing is the solution for you.

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