Quick survey: when you think of outsourcing services, what’s the first country that comes to mind?

While we might not be habitual gamblers, we’re willing to bet you said India.

While India certainly is a popular destination for outsourcing service providers, you might be surprised to learn that recently India has been losing significant ground to other countries in the outsourcing economy.

In particular, a lot of BPOs have been moving to the Philippines.

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines is booming. In fact, it now employs 1.4 million people!

The Philippines is arguably the most popular outsourcing provider in the US, UK and Australia. But why does this relatively small country cut such a big figure in the outsourcing market?

And more importantly, why is outsourcing to the Philippines the best choice for your business?


Why outsource to the Philippines?

For the last twenty years, the outsourcing services in the Philippines have seen meteoric growth, going from less than 1% of the nation’s GDP in the year 2000 to nearly 10% today.

Needless to say, the Philippines’ economy has been seeing the benefits of this sudden boom. Here are just some of the reasons why this country has become such a popular outsourcing destination:

1. Work-driven culture

As far as culture is concerned, Filipino culture puts great emphasis on hard work and takes great pride in what they do. Outsourcing jobs are treated as a proper profession in the Philippines, and not just as part-time or freelance work like it is down under.

The upshot is that you can trust your virtual team to bring a fantastic level of pride and skill to your outsourced business processes. You can rest easy knowing that tasks are being carried out to a high standard and on-time, whether it’s customer service, web design or even data-entry.

Obviously with a population of 100 million,  you will get exceptions. Fortunately however, the work culture in the Philippines ensures that this doesn’t have to be something to lose too much sleep over.

Additionally, we take great care to ensure that all candidates are thoroughly vetted.

2. English proficiency

Clear communication is key for any effective organisation. And when you work with a virtual team, making sure everybody’s on the same page is critical. Without clarity, workflow can slow down to a crawl. And if you’ve outsourced parts of your customer service, ineffective communication doesn’t reflect very well on you, to say the least.

Fortunately, English is commonly spoken in the Philippines, with 64 million speakers. In fact, there are more English-speakers in the Philippines than there are in the UK!

Needless to say, Filipinos communicate better than many other outsourcing destinations thanks to high levels of English proficiency. No business owner wants an insurmountable language barrier in their business.

On top of that, the Philippines is absolutely inundated in American culture and media – being a US colony for 50 years will do that. As a result, FIlipinos are intimately familiar with a lot of the slang and idioms that would trip up a VA from any other country.

With English codified as an official language and taught to Filipinos at primary, secondary and college level, you can bank on your team’s English proficiency both in writing and speaking.

3. Solid education system

Communication is one part of a good employee. Another is the skills they have.

Unlike here, the outsourcing industry is treated as a proper profession in the Philippines. What that means for you is that the pool of willing candidates is full of highly-educated, quality candidates is huge.

It’s easy to find Filipinos from prestigious colleges and universities specialising in the fields that you are looking for. This makes finding highly-trained specialist staff for your business extremely easy – in the past, VirtualStaff365 has sourced engineers, financial advisors and even legal experts.

In addition to educational background and qualifications, the Philippines is also home to some highly specialised industries. You can probably thank outsourcing services for that!

What this means is finding highly qualified professionals with work experience in their respective fields is easy. Whether it’s IT, customer service, virtual support, project management or other administrative tasks, finding someone with the qualifications and experience is easy.

4. Diverse cultural background

With almost 7,100 islands in the Philippines divided into 3 main island categories, the Philippines is easily one of the most diverse countries on the planet.

Add in the fact that the Philippines has been colonized by the Spanish, American and Japanese for over 100 years and you have a veritable mix of cultural influences and quirks.

Some might see this as a problem. Au contraire! In our opinion this diversity is one of the biggest selling points of the Philippines as an outsourcing destination.

The nation’s diversity  contributes to Filipinos’ flexibility. Filipinos have no issue to adapting to diverse cultures, which makes them very well-suited to interacting with Australian clients.

Additionally, Filipinos are not difficult to deal with, especially when it comes to creating a healthy work culture. Good working relationships between your employees is key to an effective team. Fortunately, that’s something that Filipinos as a whole are very good at!

5. Cheaper manpower cost

Of course, we can’t talk about outsourcing without addressing the elephant in the room.

Yes, the cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than in Australia.

Companies who outsource to the Philippines stand to save up to 80% in wages when outsourcing to the Philippines.

Additionally, operating costs such as office rental, office equipment and other essential investment is also significantly cheaper. At VirtualStaff365, many of our virtual staff work from home using their own computers, saving you even more.


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