Virtual staffing has changed the way entrepreneurs do business.

Small and medium businesses today benefit from outsourcing solutions that aren’t just more affordable than ever, but also allow them to be more productive than ever before.

The best part is that getting started  doesn’t take much effort on your part any more. Outsourcing providers do all the work for you, sourcing applicants and vetting resumes.

It’s safe to say that nowadays, the challenge in outsourcing virtual staff arises from finding the right outsourcing partner!


1) Business outsourcing is about more than just hiring

A good outsourcing partner doesn’t just help you find the perfect staff – they can also be a huge help in taking administrative work off your hands!

When you drill right down into it, the purpose of business outsourcing is to give you your time back. Outsourcing services do this by finding people to do boilerplate, routine work for you.

It’s not just business processes either. New staff means a host of added responsibilities:

  • HR and management
  • Payroll processing
  • Time-tracking and attendance
  • Tax

A good outsourcing provider understands that their job is to save you time, and will offer to bundle these tasks into their services. If your BPO service doesn’t offer you any help with these, we recommend finding somebody else!

2) Your outsourcing service is flakey and unreliable

Trust is an important component in outsourcing partnerships (or any business relationship, for that matter). Without it, great results won’t be achieved.

Unfortunately, what happens all too often is that the outsourcing partner drops off the face of the earth once they’ve found somebody.

If ongoing support and advice are important to you, then choosing an outsourcing provider you can rely on to continue delivering on their promises and for advice is a must-have.

And on a related note…


3) Unclear Communication

Just as important as trust is communication. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again:  communication is key when it comes to virtual staff.

And likewise with virtual staffing agencies!

You know you’ve got the wrong outsourcing provider when there’s frequent miscommunication. It doesn’t matter whether that’s due to assumptions or unclear and inconsistent communication – your lines of communication need to be clear.

Does your outsourcing provider take hours to respond to an email? Do they fail at keeping you updated on the hiring process? Do they never pick up the phone when you ring for advice or with issues?

If so, you might want to reconsider your relationship with them, and whether you’d be better off with somebody else.


4) They don’t know what you need

This should go without saying, but it goes anyway!

Sometimes, things don’t work out. While disappointing, it’s almost unavoidable – some people just aren’t up to the job or can’t walk the walk.

That’s not necessarily a problem with your outsourcing agency. Even then, most good outsourcing  services will immediately get to work sourcing you somebody else.

But if they repeatedly send you duds, then we don’t know what else to tell you other than maybe, just maybe, the problem lies with your agency!

A good outsourcing service understands your needs and works hard to filter out applications until they’re left with people who perfectly suit your requirements. If none of them pan out however, that points to an outsourcing partner that just doesn’t get it.

During the consultation stage, try getting a feel for your outsourcing partner:

  • Are they on the same wavelength as you?
  • Do they directly address what you’re looking for?
  • Do they make an effort to understand what makes your situation unique?

If you can’t answer yes to all three, you might be best served by saying “thank you for your time” and leaving.

5) Hidden charges and extra cost are an immediate red flag

This piece of advice doesn’t just apply to outsourcing agencies. Any potential partner that tries to sneakily squeeze an additional couple of dollars out of you is someone you should be wary of working with!

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you thoroughly check what you’re required to pay for. Read the fine print and be sure to ask about any potential situations where you might see a price hike. This way, if your bill comes in higher than expected, you can tell whether it’s fair or an attempt to rip you off!

And most importantly, get the final price in writing before signing. This way, you won’t be hit with sticker shock when the final bill comes.


Choose an outsourcing agency in Melbourne that ticks all the boxes!

The success of your outsourcing experiment is determined early on by the virtual staffing agency you choose to partner up with.

As such, the best way to guarantee success is to make sure you find the right partner from the get-go!

VirtualStaff365 make hiring virtualstaff easy. We offer various outsourcing services for your business. This allows us to build you the perfect set-up – one that helps you run your business better and fits perfectly within your budget.

Best of all, our no-risk guarantee allows you to hire virtual staff without the risk. If things haven’t been working out in the first six months, all you need to do is give us 24 hours notice to end the arrangement.

Contact VirtualStaff365 today on (03) 8842 4300 – we’ll help you out at every step of the hiring process.