How do you know you’ve found a good team of virtual assistants for your business?

Ideally, the results should speak for themselves:

  • Less time being spend on menial tasks
  • More time to focus on other areas of your business
  • Smoother processes and tasks

However, as with any other position, the ability to do the job isn’t the only defining factor in whether or not you’ve got the perfect virtual assistant. A whole bevy of other things need to be considered.



Sign #1: good virtual staff are good communicators

This point gets mentioned a lot all over the outsourcing industry.

There’s a reason for that, however. One of the things that separates an excellent virtual assistant from a mediocre one is their ability to communicate.

Communication is important in any business. But when your team members are based in another country altogether, it goes from important to crucial!

Good virtual assistants:

  • Respond quickly to your questions and messages
  • Keep you updated on what they’re doing
  • Don’t require constant prodding and messaging

If you have to constantly chase your VAs for updates or never seem to know what they’re doing, your VA mightn’t be a good fit for the role.

Conversely, if everything just works and you never have to follow-up with your virtual staff, take that as a sign you’ve got a great one!


Sign #2: do your virtual staff have the right experience?

When most of us think about the experience an effective virtual assistant needs, our minds go to previous jobs and the things they did there.

While important, it’s not the only experience that matters. It’s equally important that you choose a virtual assistant that has experience working remotely.

Why? It’s simple: working remotely is a whole different ball game from working on-site, and requires different skills and traits to succeed. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Initiative – remote workers won’t always have supervision, making initiative more important
  • Communication skills – see sign #1
  • Personality traits – some people simply don’t work as effectively on their own

Not everybody is cut out for remote working. There’s nothing wrong with that – however, it does raise a problem when you’re relying on them to get things done!

A good virtual assistant possesses have all these traits (and in the right amounts).

Interested in learning what makes for a successful remote worker? Read our article about that here.


Sign #3: does your virtual assistant chip in with ideas?

A good VA doesn’t just listen to instructions – the best ones chip in with ideas of their own!

One mistake far too many business owners make is treating their virtual assistants like a temp or paid intern. They don’t ask them for suggestions, feedback or ideas and keep their VAs in the dark.

Your virtual assistant is part of your team – just like on-site members of your team, they should be willing and able to offer their own perspectives and suggestions. A good VA:

  • Points out ways to make your business more efficient
  • Comes up with new, novel approaches to their role
  • Offers feedback for your decisions

Sometimes, these ideas might even be better than your own!


Sign #4: they fit right in!

Does your virtual assistant:

  • Fit in with the rest of your team?
  • Have a working style that perfectly complements yours?
  • Share your interests and sense of humour?
  • Get along with you?

A great VA isn’t just good at their job – they’re also a perfect fit for your business. Never underestimate the importance of personality!

In addition to making your VA easier to work with, personality fit is a leading factor in employee retention and job satisfaction.

While this isn’t necessarily a make-or-break factor, it’s enough to separate a good VA from the perfect one. If your virtual team members have the technical skills and the personality to go with it, we have one piece of advice: hang on to them as hard as you can!


Sign #5: Does your virtual assistant have role-specific skills?

Role-specific skills don’t just refer to technical skills and experience. Depending on the role, you might also have to look at soft skills and experiences!

Let’s take call centre outsourcing as an example.

Not only will your virtual assistant need customer service skills, but they’ll also need to be able to understand your target market. For example, if your customers are primarily boomers, you can’t hire virtual staff that use millennial slang!

Sticking with call centre outsourcing, they’ll also need to be able to empathise with customers’ problems and be quick on their feet with solutions.


Sign #6: staff are always improving

Even if your virtual staff aren’t perfect right off the bat, a positive attitude and willingness to learn can more than make up for it.

In our experience, the best virtual assistants (and employees in general) are the ones that:

  • Listen to your feedback
  • Takes it to heart
  • Uses it to improve themselves
  • Are always asking for advice

If your VA is constantly making efforts to learn more about their role, then you’ve got something special on your hands. Who knows, a promotion might be in order!


Find the perfect virtual assistants with VirtualStaff365

From call centre outsourcing, to graphic designers, to IT staff, virtual assistant services can help you get help for your business at an affordable rate.

However, finding you the perfect virtual assistant is about more than finding someone with the right qualifications. It’s all about fit, and choosing candidates with the right personality traits and qualities as well!

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