Meet Neville
– Your Man in Melbourne

Neville Samuels founded VirtualStaff365 after working with outsourced teams of staff and virtual assistants for more than six years, both in India and the Philippines.

Neville qualified as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa in 1993. He moved to Australia in 1994 and requalified in 1996. Neville has a wide range of financial and operational experience in Australia. Although he cannot get rid of his accent, Neville feels extremely fortunate to be living here in Australia.


Meet our Team



Yuri heads up our Philippines operations, from his base in Cebu, although as he’s a digital nomad, he can often be found to be working in other cities.

Yuri has a wide range of experience, having done workforce management, HR and customer service. He has worked at eBay’s support centre and also has BPO management experience.

He enjoys gym, cycling and karaoke, and loves to belt out Elvis Presley songs and the occasional Barry Manilow favourites.



Michael has had approximately thirty years of business experience in a wide range of marketing roles primarily in the FMCG and Retail sectors.

He has worked at companies including Nestle and Kraft and on brands including Toblerone, Peters Ice Cream and Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid. Married with three children he is also a sports fanatic and can’t wait to see Carlton lift the premiership cup in the near future!



Jane joined us after she completed 9 months work for a client in 5 months. We decided she was too good to let go, and we created a position for her as our compliance officer.

But the truth is we throw everything at her and she does it all with flair and class every time.

She a keen gamer, reader and runner.

Jane is married to Lorenzo, has 2 daughters, and a pug called Bella

Launching VirtualStaff365 Outsourcing Solutions

Neville started VirtualStaff365 to help SME businesses gain the same economies of scale as the large corporates of Australia, but have no idea how to do it.

With his personal experiences of outsourcing, offshoring and working with virtual assistants and teams of virtual assistants, it made perfect sense to Neville to start VirtualStaff365 and help small and medium size enterprises reduce their cost base, and increase productivity by taking on virtual assistants.


“The internet has made us part of the global economy, and if we don’t provide best practice and best outcomes at competitive pricing, Australian businesses and Australian jobs will be lost forever.

“We have to keep the jobs in Australia that retain the brainpower and nous within our businesses, and we have to outsource the work that is repetitive, and mundane. Telstra do it, the big companies at the top end of town do it – why shouldn’t the small and medium size enterprises do it too?”

His own experiences have taught him that outsourcing can be an amazing way to scale a business up and provides amazing flexibility if you need to scale a business down as well.

Neville lives in Caulfield, is married to physiotherapist Jodi, and has two teenage kids and Chilli, a crazy groodle (poodle cross golden retriever).

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