How VirtualStaff365 started

In 2009, Neville Samuels was co-founder of a successful online business. The only problem was, he was spending way too much time responding to customer emails, even on the weekends, public holidays and family holidays.

He and his business partner knew something had to give. So they recruited a virtual staff member from India, then switched to the Philippines, where they felt the quality of outsourcing was higher. Within two weeks of training, Neville had freed up a lot more of his time.

It was life changing, and the main inspiration for Neville starting VirtualStaff365. Today, the business helps businesses grow their teams at only a fraction of the cost of expanding a team in Australia.

About our  team

Our base is in Melbourne Australia, and our offices overlook the beautiful Royal Brighton Yacht Club on the Esplanade.

This is where Neville and Michael are based and run the Australian operations.

When you call Virtualstaff365, you will come through to them, and will speak to an Australian, every time.

Yuri is based in the Cebu and heads up our Philippine operations. Yuri is supported by Jane in Manila. We also have Katrina and Mae helping us, along with a range of other part-timers that help ensure that all our work is always done..

Both Yuri and Merry Jane have been virtual assistants working from home, before they started working for us.

Our Purpose

At VS365, we want to build long-lasting professional relationships through meaningful connections.

Our Core Values

1 / Respect

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We treat everyone equally and recognize our clients work requirements and our people’s needs.

2 / Integrity

Working remotely can be challenging, so it’s important to conduct ourselves with the utmost level of integrity. We always act openly and honestly and do the right thing to sustain long lasting professional relationships.

3 / Wellbeing

We are fully committed to the wellbeing of our people and maintain the highest ethical practices. We regularly review our sustainable processes and frameworks to protect our people.

4 / Generosity

We have a generous approach to the way we reward our people. This creates a happy, productive workplace, generates the best outcomes and helps our clients retain great staff.

5 / Excelling

We want everyone to strive to reach their fullest potential. Our networks are well researched and we connect the right people. We have a growth mindset and give our people the opportunity to flourish.


What our clients say

Find out what other Australian business owners have to say about the candidates they interviewed and subsequently hired as part of VirtualStaff365’s carefully designed outsourcing program.

Meet some of our virtual staff

Meet some of our
virtual staff

We have a large team of talented staff. They have a great work ethic, and are friendly and personable. Here’s a snapshot of some of the candidates we have recruited for our clients.

Why choose us

Find out why you should choose VirtualStaff365 for your outsourcing solutions needs.


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