Virtual Assistants are not a fad or gimmick; this is the way the world now works.

You no longer need an office full of people, all of them commuting to work; you need a virtual office!

By hiring virtual staff, you get affordable, high-quality remote assistance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

More and more business owners are opting for virtual staff; it allows them to pick the most suitable and affordable people, no matter where they are.

Once you realise the benefits of hiring virtual staff, the only question is how to get started? As outsourcing specialists, we know this business and we know it well, it’s what we do.

If you’re not familiar with the process, a quick and simple explanation follows below. However if you are, contact us for a chat!


What can a VA do?

Anything that can be done remotely can be done by a Virtual Assistant! Here is a just a small sample:

  • Email management & filtering
  • Manage calendar & schedule meetings
  • Handle all enquiries (phone, email, live chat).
  • Data capture
  • Social media
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Recruitment
  • Digital marketing
  • Bookkeeping


What can’t a VA do?

  • Laundry
  • Make you coffee
  • Wash your car

But they can arrange all of this for you, remotely!


Where can I get a VA?

If you are looking for online staff, then that’s the best place to start.

And if you want some assistance, then I suggest you work with a company who has the necessary knowledge and resources to make the process simple, cost effective and productive.

We are specialists in this field, working with many Australian companies. We seek out experienced, and talented virtual assistants, and vet all our staff.

Finding the right match between employer and VA is what we aim for every time. Contact us and let us know your requirements.


How can I hire a virtual assistant or my very own virtual staff?

Talk to us!

It’s really that simple.

Schedule a chat with us and we’ll find out exactly what you need.

We will then conduct the entire hiring process including profiling and interviewing, and will only suggest the most suitable candidates. You then decide if you are happy to proceed, or not, and we take it from there.

We will handle the entire account including invoicing and payroll for your virtual assistants.

We aim to make your business easier to run, more efficient, and ultimately, more profitable, so let us help!


When can my new virtual assistant start?

Our aim is to find you the right VA within three weeks of getting the go-ahead from you, but sometimes this can take longer to find the right person.

Once the hiring process is complete and all parties are happy, we can have your VA working for you within 3-5 working days, as we need to carry out reference checks and onboard them.

The process

  • Initial online or face-to-face consultation
  • Defining your requirements
  • Hiring process


Hiring a VA from Virtual Staff

Every company is different and everyone has their own requirements. That’s why we know that working with virtual staff will make your business more efficient and more productive.

No HR hassles, no dead-weights working too long in the same position, just energetic and talented virtual staff.

VirtualStaff365 specialises in providing affordable high-quality virtual assistants to
Australian businesses. Our virtual staff will help your business thrive and
succeed while minimising salary overheads.

Hire a virtual assistant here, or if you have any questions, call Neville now for a chat on 0402 11 66 06.