Hiring the right people is the key to an effective and productive team. A team that gels together reduces turnover rate – not to mention, it also makes your business more efficient too.

Finding the perfect virtual assistant for your business is step 1 towards a more efficient business.

Step 2 is making your virtual staff as productive as possible!

How can you help your VA become more productive while working for you? Here are some ways you can boost your virtual staff’s productivity and work efficiency.


Encourage and inspire

People don’t quit jobs, they quit managers.

This is true for all staff, not just the virtual variety. Loyal isn’t given, it’s earned.

Getting more productive virtual staff starts with being a good manager. It doesn’t require big gestures – even little things can help.

Due to the nature of business outsourcing, you won’t have the opportunity to offer a handshake or pat on the back to your VA for a job well done. However, there are other ways to show your appreciation:

  • Staying in frequent contact
  • Giving out positive feedback when justified
  • Offering rewards and bonuses
  • Not losing your cool over the small stuff

These 4 bullet points above apply to all staff, whether they’re in your office or virtual.

When it comes to virtual staff however, it’s especially important. Distance is a major hurdle to overcome in business outsourcing, so keep the positivity flowing!


Set achievable goals

Setting goals, metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s) tells your virtual staff what you need from them.

Telling your VAs what you want helps them work more productively. Not to mention, sharing work goals aligns them with your business, and often leads to more creative ways of achieving them.

Not to mention, it also gives you a way to evaluate their performance and success in achieving your business goals.

At VirtualStaff365, we work hard to hire competent, skilled virtual assistants. That said, they’re not superheroes – they have their limits!

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that these goals are appropriate.

Instead of shooting for the stars, keep your goals realistic. Unrealistic expectations often leads to failure.

Not to mention, virtual staff talk to each other. Sites like Glassdoor give applicants a platform to talk openly about working conditions, directly impacting the quality of applicants.

And that means you’ll spend more of your time looking for new VAs to replace your old ones, dragging down productivity even further!


Create clear systems and processes

Any VA will confirm that unclear work processes add confusion and wastes time. Instead of having a set process for finish a task or resolving a problem, your VAs will be forced to spend time asking around and finding a solution themselves.

Systems and processes make it easier to train your staff. It ensures that work is done faster and to a higher standard.

Additionally, it saves time for your virtual staff by helping them focus on completing their tasks rather than jerry-rigging solutions to everything.

Be sure that you communicate your processes and systems effectively. Put it in a folder in your database or send your VAs a printable copy. This way, you both save time – no more waiting for messages or clarifications.


Communicate effectively

While we’re on the topic of waiting for messages and clarifications, how do you communicate with your virtual staff?

Communication is a key part of productive business outsourcing. It has to be, with the distances involved!

One of the easiest ways to improve productivity is to ensure that communication is open, clear and most importantly, fast.

Here are a couple of pointers to get you started:


  • Ditch email – instant messaging is faster and far more convenient
  • Use cloud storage platforms (like Google Drive or Dropbox) to share work files
  • Sync your calendars so both sides know when the other is available
  • Turn on notifications and alerts – you don’t want to miss any messages!

Effective communication might sound like a no-brainer. However, it’s something a lot of businesses get wrong. If you want a productive team of virtual staff, sorting out communication should be your number 1 priority.

Is business outsourcing a good choice for your business?

Hire productive virtual staff only at VirtualStaff365!

Finding productive virtual staff is a two-way street. Half of it is making sure your business is set up to facilitate business outsourcing.

The other half is making sure you find productive virtual assistants!

VirtualStaff365 is a virtual assistant service in Melbourne that specialises in helping small and medium businesses like yours connect with the right staff for your business.

We ensure that your virtual staff are technically competent, possess appropriate personality traits and most importantly, are productive.

Our team ensures your virtual staff fit all of those criteria. Our recruitment process is comprehensive:

  • We source candidates for your unique requirements – we don’t pull from a pool of workers
  • We perform multiple rounds of interviews based on your criteria
  • If need be, we can administer competency tests for technical skills and personality traits

Best of all, you can end your arrangement anytime in the first 16 months with only 24-hours notice.

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