What is a BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is an organisation that will manage and fulfill defined processes for an external business.

These processes are outsourced to allow businesses to scale up quickly without greatly increasing costs.

When people hear about BPOs, they automatically think they are synonymous with call centres.

However, BPOs have evolved into outsourcing companies where clients can build a team to manage or to complete almost any tasks required within their organisation.

What can BPOs do for your business?

We have established some considerations when when it comes to pre-selecting the BPOs we work with.

In order for a BPO to be included in our panel, they should fulfil at least one of the following categories:


A BPO with a difference

A BPO that neither falls into the blue ribbon service delivery category nor purely call centre work but has some level of customer contact and expertise is perfect for some of our clients who aim to build a team of employees offshore.

Typically we work with BPOs with a staff complement of less than 500, and less than 30 clients.

We also work with these types of BPOs because of their flexible pricing and outcome models.

Job Description

Blue ribbon service

A blue ribbon service BPO means that it has a 5-star service delivery rating, providing outstanding services to their teams and clients.

These BPOs usually do not handle or specialise in voice work. They normally do not take on clients that do not fit into their model as they only want to achieve an excellent result at all times.

This type of BPO is usually small with less than 1,000 employees and less than 50 clients.


A call centre

Call Centres are BPOs that specialise in voice/telephony services.

This type of BPO provide inbound and outbound call centre work including:

  • Sales
  • Sales support
  • Customer service

How can BPOs help?

Over the years, VirtualStaff365 have developed a panel made up of different BPOs. Not all BPOs have the same strengths, so we’ve fine-tuned our panel to help our clients with their different needs. Working with these BPOs makes it easier for us to address the different types and needs of our clients.

The BPOs included in our panel provide outstanding delivery service to and for their clients. They also have excellent HR services (including recruitment) and infrastructure. Additionally, they can provide extra managed services that help clients achieve their desired outcome.

How can BPOs help?
Finding a BPO

Finding a BPO

Finding a great BPO can be challenging… but not impossible! VirtualStaff365 is here to help clients find the BPO that perfectly meets their needs.

In our quest to find the best BPOs, we strive to work out who are the reputable, reliable and well-run ones in the industry.

We also do site visits of the BPOs we recommend and work with, further enhancing our knowledge and developing the capability to recommend the right BPO for any work requirement.

What types of roles can be filled using a BPO?

There are a variety of roles and teams that VirtualStaff365’s BPOs can help create, including:

  • Customer service
  • Software implementation
  • Tech support
  • Graphic and Web design
  • E-commerce support
  • SEO, PPC and digital marketing
  • Professional services (i.e. lawyers and accountants)
  • And many more

How can you use
VirtualStaff365’s BPO?

Using VirtualStaff365’s BPO services is easy!

Here’s an example: let’s say you’re aiming to build a tech support team to help your growing business. You specifically require a team that could work to cover the hours of 8am-8pm for both the east and west coast of Australia.

VirtualStaff365 will connect you with a BPO that can help!

We can introduce you to the different BPOs included in our panel and we will then help you find the right outsourcing solution for your specific business requirement.

Your BPO can also help you build a team over an extended period of time. Once they have worked on this efficiently within the set timeframe, you will then be able to move the team out into your own offshore office.

This service is called DBOT – Design, Build, Own and Transfer.

VirtualStaff365 currently has 6 BPOs in the Philippines and 3 in South Africa – and we’re constantly growing!

VirtualStaff365’s BPO

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