Hiring remote staff can be an intimidating prospect. With so much misinformation and unanswered questions regarding the topic in business circles, we don’t blame you for being apprehensive. You may have unanswered questions yourself, or preconceptions about hiring a virtual team.

So today, we’ll be answering once and for all these common questions, as well busting some of the most common myths surrounding VAs.

Virtual staff are a reality and you will find that more and more businesses, no matter their size, are starting to use these services. Some of these businesses will be your competition, so it simply can’t be ignored!


Myth #1: Only big companies need VAs

Because we all know that call centres are outsourced, the world does believe that it is only the big, more cash-fluid companies that use these services. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Currently, VirtualStaff365 assists a range of small Australian businesses, including:

  • Accounting firms
  • Wholesalers
  • Law firms
  • Design agencies
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Branding companies
  • Digital and social media agencies
  • Retailers and e-retailers
  • Software development firms

The list goes on!


Myth #2: VAs are expensive

There are those that think that virtual assistants are like au pairs, in the sense that they come at a price.

Of course, there’s a cost.

But the good news is that this cost is actually quite reasonable! Yes, virtual staffing can be a very cost-effective way of staffing your business.

Because we source direct from the Philippines and other developing countries, the costs are very affordable. You can find out more about how VAs can save your business money compared to hiring locally by clicking here.


Myth #3: It is too hard to find a good VA

For those not in the know, yes, it can be a tough and tedious process. Just like recruiting any other staff member, finding and onboarding the perfect virtual assistant can be a time-consuming process.

That’s where VirtualStaff365 can help you out, though!

We have put in a lot of time and effort to source the right virtual assistants across many service types. Because we are Australian-based (Melbourne, in fact), we understand just what Australian businesses need.

And there’s no extra cost for recruiting, so let us do the work for you.

We follow a strict process when it comes to finding talented staff, and we like to filter our assistants into two categories: homebased and office-based.

Home-based virtual assistants

Those that work from home are best suited to certain service areas, and these are, just to mention a few:

  • Graphic design
  • Content creation
  • Email customer service
  • Data entry


Office-based virtual staff

For other services however, working from home just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s for team projects or data security, sometimes a more office-like environment is in order.

Fortunately, VirtualStaff365 offers virtual assistants in office-based environments for just these situations. You can use our fantastic Manilla office for tasks such as:

  • Teamwork type projects
  • Where high levels of security are required
  • Where air-conditioning is a must (although some homes have this facility)
  • Robust and very reliable internet connections are required
  • Call centre work


Myth #4: VAs don’t work hard: my work will not be completed

It is a real concern, after all: you are not able to just pop in and do a quick check every couple of minutes.

However, we provide the tools that allow you to track your virtual assistants’ time and performance on a continuous basis, or until you are satisfied that you can trust their work ethic. Additionally, when you employ office-based virtual staff, we have a team on-site to ensure that your virtual assistants are on-time, on-topic and working effectively.

You can also trust us to find you virtual staff with the right skills, attitude and personality to fit the tasks you assign them as well as your company culture. You can read more about our thorough selection and recruitment process here.

Not to mention, we work hard to ensure all our Philippines virtual assistants are competent individuals with solid work ethic!

With VirtualStaff365 you can be assured of receiving the level of support you need, to ensure success with your virtual assistant.


Myth #5: Training takes too long

Where the service you require is specialised, such as graphic design or technical writing, there is no training required at all.

They either have the skills or they don’t.  At VirtualStaff365, we’ll help you to assess their skills, and you decide if the candidate is right for your business.

As for some services, such as general VAs, data entry or electronic filing, they definitely need your training and input.  Often clients will say it will take them 2-3 months to train their staff.  

They will often advise us that it took them more like 2-3 weeks, and their staff were up and running sooner than anticipated!


Myth #6: VAs can only handle basic tasks

This myth around virtual assistants stems back to the days when one would just grab Aunty May to do some data capturing, or your nephew to quickly get stuck into the tax filing that has been piling up.

The tasks didn’t require much grey matter, so non-skilled personnel were perfect. But, today, from web development to producing written content that is SEO compliant (Search Engine Optimisation), virtual assistants are available and looking to work for you.


Looking to hire your own virtual staff or virtual personal assistant? Talk to Australia’s Virtual Staff experts!

So, yes, we appreciate that there are many myths around hiring a virtual assistant, from the costs and skill level to the effort of finding them and the fact that smaller companies also use them. We hope you now have better clarity and understand their benefits!

Finding and hiring a virtual personal assistant has never been easier and more worth it. We urge you to make contact with us at VirtualStaff365. Let’s have a chat, and tell me about your requirements! Call me today.