Call centres

Call centres

A call centre is a facility that handles large amounts of customer calls for a client or business. These calls can be inbound or outbound.

It employs a large number of employees, often referred to as “agents”.

And for these agents to work efficiently and productively, a call centre must have the necessary tools and technologies, including functional work stations, a dialer which makes and receives the calls to the PC, and quality headsets.

Working with an offshore, outsourced call centre

Due to a client’s expanding business needs, there might be a need to create a call centre.
If your business is growing and you’ve considered a call centre, get in touch with Neville at VirtualStaff365.

We work with a panel of call centres equipped with the following experience to create an efficient and productive centre, and to ensure your business solution needs are meet:

  • Inbound and outbound expertise
  • Team building experience
  • Results-oriented outcomes in call centre environments

They can also assist with the technology and tools, to provide the following functionality:

  • Telephone switch functionality
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Intelligent routing
  • And more important tools
  • Voicemail
  • Outbound dialing
  • Interactive Voice response (IVR)
Working with an offshore
Inbound call centre

Inbound call centre

Inbound call centre calls are customer-initiated. This means that customer calls in to seek support for any of the following:

  • Products
  • Warranties
  • Services
  • Complaints and disputes
  • A quote or estimates
  • Or any other enquiry

Outbound call centre

An outbound call centre, on other hand, fulfils a number of different needs.

Their calls are outgoing: from call centre representatives to clients and potential clients.

An outbound call centre often undertakes the following:

  • Appointment setting
  • Sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Fundraising
  • Surveys

Where are VirtualStaff365’s
call centres located?

We currently have call centres based in Philippines and South Africa however we do not pressure clients to choose either location. If we think we can get a better result or outcome somewhere else, we’ll always help you select the best option!

South Africa
Where are VirtualStaff365

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Once you conduct interviews and make a selection, we help to get your newest recruit settled in and set up. But the buck doesn’t stop there! Discover the important steps in our process.

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