Australian Online Car Parts

Neil Leifels and his partner Susan run the ecommerce store, Australian Online Car Parts. Neil found that there was never enough time in his day to accomplish everything that needed to be done for his fast growing ecommerce business.


Dale Group International

Dale Group International supplies retailers with baby goods including 2-in-1 harnesses, booster seats, prams, and clothing. Find out how a new mother was able to return to work with the help of a Virtual Assistant from VirtualStaff365.


Redshift Consultancy

Praise from SMBs just like yours are the real testament to the success we’ve had!

We engaged Neville to recruit and provide administration support for our company from June 2018 until November 2018.During each stage of the process, we found Neville and his team to be extremely professional, efficient and courteous towards our needs. Neville was very attentive at the beginning of the process to ensure we recruited the right employee, along with the setting up of procedures. Once the communication channels between myself and the employee were in place, Neville let us manage our employee as we wished, however he was always only a telephone call away, should we require further assistance.

Our employee, Jane, was exceptional. She was a very reliable employee, extremely punctual with no attendance issues what so ever. Jane was a very quick worker, so much so that it was hard to keep up with the volume of work she was producing! Jane was very capable in her role, able to work independently and was an excellent communicator. We would definitely love to work with Jane again in the future.

Therefore, this campaign was a very successful and extremely cost effective way of meeting our short-term administrative needs. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Neville and his team and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend VirtualStaff365, as we will certainly use Neville’s services for our future needs.

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