The Challenge

Their inhouse graphic designer was returning from maternity leave and wanted to work only two days a week. She has a big workload including regular catalogues that need updating as the range increases, and there is a large volume of work required on images once the photography is complete.

CEO Alan Lotzoff recognises the importance of providing his staff with flexibility and as they’re a baby-goods business, he was keen to find a solution to accommodate working mums within his organisation. He approached VirtualStaff365 to see if we could assist with this challenge.


Our Suggestion

VirtualStaff365 suggested that we do a search for a graphic designer in the Philippines that is interested in part-time graphic design work, and can therefore allow the returning to work mum to only work two days a week.


VirtualStaff365 interviewed a range of graphic designers who were looking for part-time work. We interviewed Yna (short for Kristina) who not only had the right skills but is a also a working mum with a toddler. This role suited her as it does not require her to be available for full days, so she can take care of her child. The best part is that because she is a mum, too, she understands the product.


Eight Months Later…


It’s been more than eight months and CEO Alan Lotzoff says:
“VirtualStaff365 have helped us get over this challenge and Yna has helped our creative marketing team deliver great results. I thought this might only be a two week job, but it’s eight months later and we can’t do without VirtualStaff365 – I highly recommend them!”

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