So your business is growing – that’s great news! With more business and more responsibilities, it might even be time to think about bringing on additional staff.

There’s only one problem: the money.

That’s where VirtualStaff365’s Virtual Staff in the Philippines come into play – from data entry and graphic design, to web development and even inbound and outbound phone calls, an outsourced virtual assistant can help!

As business grows, it may become possible to bring these and other services in-house. But, it appears that even large and corporate businesses are once again seeing the benefits of outsourcing.

The cost and ease at which you can source and use many skill sets, without having to go through the pains of employment contracts, tax & super compliance, disciplinary hearings, and all the other bits and pieces that make up employing staff, can be made possible with outsourcing.

The Industrial Revolution, which began in the mid 1700s, and continued as far as the 1840s, saw the world moving to new and magnificent manufacturing processes. Many businesses started to outsource certain services, as they saw the benefit in this, both cost-wise and skill-set wise.

Today, we outsource often, from our plumber and our maintenance man, to our local electrician and the guy that fills the water tank. This is because we have neither the time nor the skillset to perform these tasks effectively.

Virtual outsourcing has increased in popularity over the years, and not just for businesses that are starting out!

Many companies make conscious decisions which elements of their business needs to be run by an in-house person, and which elements can be outsourced.


Why choose to outsource in the Philippines?

The need to outsource can be spurred on by a number of factors, namely:

  • Reduce overheads
  • Free up current staff from work that retracts from their main duties
  • Streamlining functions so to make your business run more efficiently

My country of choice, when it comes to outsourcing a virtual assistant, is the Philippines. You may ask why, as there are many other places than can and indeed do this.

From my experience, there are a number of reasons why I choose the Philippines over other countries like China or India.

The first is language. Obviously, it’s hard to work with someone when you don’t share a common tongue. For many, your first concerns about hiring a Philippines virtual assistant may be around the language barrier, but here are some hard facts:

  • The literacy rate in the pool of Philippines virtual assistants is a staggering 97%
  • 92% of Filipinos are English-speaking. They are a hard-working nation eager to prove themselves
  • With a population of 100 million, there is no shortage of people wanting reliable and steady work

A few other great benefits of using the Philippines for your outsourcing work is that the time difference is minimal with Australia, and you can benefit from great rates.

Meet some of our virtual staff here!


Disadvantages of outsourcing to China or India

It is important to always look at the reasons why other countries are not the best to use when it comes to seeing virtual staff overseas.

China and India are firm favourites among many companies the world over, but mostly because they charge really low rates per job. If you know anything about anything, you will know that for certain services you want to be looking at the quality you will receive vs. the cost of the job.

Here are a few disadvantages of dealing with China and India for outsourcing for a virtual assistant:

Quality and accuracy of work

This is an important aspect. Yes, they may do the job in a heartbeat, but what are you actually getting in return? Your reputation and brand sit on the line if you deliver shoddy work to a client, so consider the quality before cost.

Lack of urgency

When you run a business you often need to attend to something quickly. The Indians and Chinese, on the virtual assistant side, don’t seem to have a sense of urgency. It could have much to do with the time difference with Australia, but in general, they don’t deliver in a timely manner.

A less favourable time difference

India has the longest time difference with Australia, (around 4-4.5 hours), and depending on deadlines, this could prove to be tricky.

Language difficulties

This is usually the deal breaker.

While you may be able to communicate with VAs in India and China on face value, the proof is in the pudding and when the work is delivered, often it can be embarrassing, to say the least.  


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