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Many business want to be able to respond to customer enquiries and answer support questions fast. New sales enquiries need to be responded to fast to ensure the customer does not move on to a competitor.

But it’s expensive for SMEs to dedicate resources to do this.

Many ISPs and telcos were the first to outsource work to the Philippines, training up their staff to troubleshoot technical issues like faulty modems, routers and mobile phones. We’ve all called up our mobile phone company and have had conversations with staff in foreign countries. It started out in India, and it’s moved to the Philippines for a variety of reasons.

The impact of this is that there is now huge pool of talent in Philippines to draw from, that have been trained and have experience with technical issues and troubleshooting.

Therefore, inbound call support for technical and non-technical issues can be easily done in the Philippines.

Customer Service Representative Philippines
Why Use a Virtual Staff for Customer Service?

Why Use a Virtual Staff
for Customer Service?

A Virtual Assistant – dedicated to answering customer enquiries by email and to manage Live Chat questions – enhances the sales process and help your business be known for providing quick and responsive service.

A Virtual Assistant for customer service allows your business to:

  • Offer dedicated support at a low cost
  • Improve customer service and support
  • Increase efficiency in customer service
  • Focus Australian staff on more challenging tasks

We have worked hard to help some of our SME clients to find the right staff to ensure this is done easily with virtual assistant Australia that have experience in this work in previous roles.

Why choose VirtualStaff365
outsourcing solutions?

We look for the following when recruiting for customer service and support roles:

  • Excellent written english skills
  • Excellent spoken english skills (if required)
  • Prior customer service or support experience
  • A culture of customer satisfaction
  • Ability to investigate and discover independently

Some of our experiences include helping find ex-eBay staff for our clients that sell goods on eBay. These assistants have worked in the eBay Customer Service Centre in Cebu, the Philippines. This wealth of knowledge they have from their time working at eBay has helped the clients in ways they could not have imagined.

We have helped businesses to employ Live Chat staff that have five years’ live chat experience in the USA, and they have excellent experience and training.

Why choose VirtualStaff365 outsourcing solutions

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How Do We
Find Candidates?

As customer service is a client-facing role, even if it’s answering emails only, we always set a task for our candidates which will entail drafting an email to a client, or providing some instructions to assist with a technical issue.

This helps us to very quickly weed out candidates that are unsuitable for the role. This way, you can rest assured that the candidates we present to you are great for the role, and you don’t have to second guess them during or after an interview.

How Do We Find Candidates

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