Virtual Staff for Data Entry

One of the simplest ways to use a Virtual Assistant is for data entry. Our experience is that data entry means many things to many businesses. But the characteristics of data entry are always the same:

  • It’s ongoing work
  • The work is repetitive - meaning once you have trained your staff, they will be able to keep doing it
  • The skills required are simple and basic - sometimes it’s as easy as copy/pasting from one website page to another
  • The work is not client-facing
  • It’s easy to monitor performance

It’s because of these 5 characteristics that data entry is easy to train a staff member that is not working in your office.

Virtual Staff for Data Entry

Why use a virtual assistant in the Philippines for data entry?

Having a Virtual Assistant doing data entry is usually the most economical way to start using remote staff. The work is easy to do, and therefore it’s easy to train up your staff to do the work.

  • easy to train virtual assistants in data entry
  • You can give away boring work to low-cost staff
  • You keep your Australian staff focused on more valuable work
  • You can keep Australian staff more motivated
  • Our virtual staff LOVE this kind of work

It’s also often boring, but hey… somebody has to do it! A virtual assistant is the perfect solution.


How you can use data entry staff

  • Creating new listings for ecommerce stores
  • Scraping data off websites and entering the data into CRM
  • Entering invoices into MYOB, Xero or any other accounting software
  • Updating lists and schedules
  • Transcribing hand-written data into more easily readable formats
  • Updating customer records, etc.

Cost of data entry virtual assistant in the Philippines

Data entry costs start at approx AUD$7 although depending on the candidate’s experience, this could increase to as much as AUD$9.25 per hour. This will also be variable depending on whether the work is full-time or part-time.

If you want to know if your data entry work can be easily done by a Virtual Assistant, please call us!

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