Hire Data Entry Staff

Are you looking for a quick, simple and affordable way to upscale your business and stop doing menial tasks that take up all your time? Then outsourcing your data entry tasks is the solution!

Our experience in hiring for virtual data entry roles means we can help Australian businesses stick to doing what they do best, free of spreadsheets!

  • It’s ongoing work
  • The work is repetitive - meaning once you have trained your staff, they will be able to keep doing it
  • The skills required are simple and basic - sometimes it’s as easy as copy/pasting from one website page to another
  • The work is not client-facing
  • It’s easy to monitor performance
Virtual Staff for Data Entry

Why Do Data Entry Online?

For a small business, having virtual data entry personnel is a great way to reduce staff costs, increase efficiency and grow your business. Stop wasting precious money and time hiring Australian-based employees in the office; switch to outsourcing data entry instead!

There is a multitude of reasons why data entry is a great role for remote workers:

  1. The work is repetitive, so once you have trained your staff, there is no need for upskilling or ongoing supervision.
  2. The skills required are simple and basic, making it easy to train and easy for staff to complete work.
  3. The work is not client-facing and requires little to no training.
  4. It’s easy to monitor performance.

Grow Your Business with Outsourced Data Entry

Having a virtual data entry assistant is the most economical way to start using remote staff. The work is easy to do, and therefore it’s easy to train up your staff to do the work. This means you can:

  • Give away repetitive work to low-cost staff
  • Keep your Australian staff focused on more valuable work
  • Build your team and expand your working capacity in high-value areas

How You Can Utilise Data Entry Staff

  • Creating new listings for eCommerce stores
  • Scraping data off websites and entering the data into CRM
  • Entering invoices into MYOB, Xero or any other accounting software
  • Updating lists and schedules
  • Transcribing hand-written data into more easily readable formats
  • Updating customer records, etc.

Save Money with Online Data Entry Assistants

The cost of a data entry virtual assistant in the Philippines is significantly less than Australian staff. Remote data entry staff costs begin at approximately  AUD$9 and up to $12 per hour, depending on their experience and whether the work is full-time or part-time.

That’s less than HALF of what you could expect to pay when hiring data entry staff in Australia. As a leading data entry BPO in Australia, we manage the candidates, conduct the screening and keep you abreast of all communication so you can rest assured you find the best person for the job.

Speak to the Data Entry Outsourcing Specialists

All too often, fast-growing businesses have skilled people spending too much time on basic duties like data entry. This wastes precious time and doesn’t utilise your office-based staff effectively or efficiently.

At VirtualStaff365, we are specialists in sourcing quality virtual data entry staff for SME clients around Australia to maximise output, improve efficiency, and better manage workloads at an affordable price.

The VirtualStaff365 head office is based in Melbourne, where we liaise directly with our team in the Philippines. Our emphasis on strong partnerships, ethical practice and great service, means you can sit back and enjoy the hiring process and feel confident you will get the best outcome for your business. Call our Melbourne office on 03 8842 4300.


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