So, you are curious about hiring a virtual assistant?  Good move!

In today’s fast paced and price-conscious world, one has to consider alternatives to the so-called normal way of working.  

So hiring a virtual assistant is a great way of giving you the time you need in your business or private life..

A virtual assistant can take a few forms, namely:

  • your typical personal assistant
  • a bookkeeper
  • a customer support staff
  • data entry clerk
  • writer
  • graphic designer
  • and many more.

To understand just what a typical virtual assistant’s day would look like, take a sneak peek into a day in the life of a VA with us.



Start the day right

As with all positions, a virtual assistant needs to prepare for their work day.  

This takes planning and organisation skills, of which a virtual assistant is very good at doing.

 Preparation is the key to a successful virtual assistant careerand it really can be viewed as a career.  


The skill set is very specific and suits a particular kind of person.

Starting the day means you are ready to work and your PC is on and ready to go.

Perhaps your VA has a checklist of tasks to be done.  This allows them to  have some idea about what needs to be achieved today.


Work mode: on

Most times, depending on the employer, there will be a meeting once a day or a once a week with their virtual assistant.  

This sets the pace and scope for the day for the VA.  Communication is key to getting all the tasks done correctly and timely.

This meeting can take a couple of minutes or longer.  It’s all dependent on how often these meetings occur and what the aim of the meeting is.   

If it is a catch-up meeting, it will be quick.  If it is a main weekly meeting, it will take a little longer.  

However, having said all that, if there are regular meetings and regular forms of communication throughout the week, the employer may find that these morning meetings will become less and less, or at least quicker and quicker.


Midday Accomplishments

By midday, your VA should have achieved quite a bit.  

The types of tasks completed will greatly depend on where their employer’s business is positioned in the world.  

Time difference needs to be taken into account when working with a virtual assistant who could be on the other side of the world.

If they are to make calls, they may not be able to reach the right person until the afternoon.

If so, then set them tasks to do in the morning, that will get work out the way, so they can make calls in the afternoons.  

Most important, check in with your VA and make sure they are progressing with all assigned tasks.


Before the day ends…

To ensure that the virtual assistant’s next day runs smoothly, they will make sure they have completed all their tasks for that day, and have prepped for the new day to come.

We always suggest they provide you with a daily report.  This should list what’s been achieved and what needs to be done.  It may also include some of the day’s challenges.  

Signing off is also important.  This  lets the employer is know that the VA has finished for the day.  

There is nothing worse than trying to connect with your VA, who has already signed off and logged off their PC.


Achievements managed…

There are just so many hours in one day, and because they are often the 2-I-C to their employer, they need to have a process that will help them achieve their best each day.

Here are a few golden nuggets that make a great virtual assistant:

  • Able to design a foolproof schedule
  • Can stick to the schedule
  • Ensures all their equipment is in good working order
  • Ensures their work environment is ideal for the type of work they are to take on
  • Can maximise the given work hours to the best of their ability
  • Understands what they are good at and what they are not – focuses on their skill set
  • Has a good plan B for when things go wrong
  • Finds their speciality then nurtures and grows it
  • Is patient and courteous
  • Is timeous, always

This is quite the list but a great virtual assistant will tick all these boxes.


Hiring a VA from Virtual Staff for your Australian business

If you aren’t convinced about taking the step to hire a virtual assistant, then let us remind you of a few areas why a VA is a great move for you personally or for your business.

They can be your right-hand “man”, so to speak, and cover areas you could never get to in your working day.  

They can be your voice when you cannot speak. They can make your job that much easier, in all aspects, and add quality of life that you never thought possible.

With that said, what are you waiting for?  

Contact us at VirtualStaff365 today to start your exciting journey with us to finding your perfect virtual assistant.