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Every business needs to keep score of their performance, and they do this by entailing the help of a bookkeeper.

But not every business can afford a full-time (or even a part-time) bookkeeper at the current local rates.

Bookkeepers can be recruited to do your bookkeeping direct from the Philippines, especially as accounting packages become cloud-based like Xero, MYOB Live Services, and Netsuite.
When using a cloud-based service with bank feeds, it becomes so easy to have your bookkeeper reconcile your bank account (and so much more) when they are based in the Philippines.


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Many clients ask me if it’s possible to recruit a bookkeeper in the Philippines, thinking this is just too hard.

Not only does VirtualStaff365 locate bookkeepers, but the last bookkeeper recruited for a client was MYOB and Xero certified! As she had Australian experience under her belt, she also had knowledge about Australian Super, GST, and tax.

As we like to test our candidates before submitting them for interviews, we’ll devise a range of questions that will help you to ascertain if the candidates meet your needs in terms of their knowledge and experience.


What our clients say

Finding the Right
for the Role

I recently asked a bookkeeper about her experience with accrual accounting as the client wanted to know her level of knowledge. She did not understand what an accrual was, so I explained that an accrual is taking account of an expense where the cost is known, but the invoice has not yet been received. Sometimes you have to explain it in another way, as they do not always use the same terminology. Her lack of understanding therefore ruled her ineligible for the role.

 Here are the characteristics we look for the following when recruiting bookkeepers virtual staff:

  • Prior experience with the same package as our client
  • Ability to take the accounts to P&L and Balance sheet
  • Extensive bank reconciliation experience
  • Understanding of GST principles
  • Balance sheet reconciliations
  • BAS / PAYG preparation
  • Ability and willingness to learn new skills

Recruit the correct
virtual staff

We will also delve into the role you want filled to see if there are any specific areas of knowledge that need to be covered. It helps to ensure we can recruit the correct virtual staff to do the right job in a reasonable timeframe.

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