We live in a virtual world. We have moved very quickly from the tedium of a slow-paced, desk-bound office environment  to a world where you can be just as effective from home as you can at the office, if not more so. You can now run a full-on business with international staff, and never have to get out of your pyjamas.

As an entrepreneur or owner of a start-up or small business, you deal with a multitude of tasks every day, many of then mundane but necessary for your business to operate.

Focusing on growing your business while keeping things organised at the same time is not easy.

Welcome to the world of the Virtual Assistant (VA). Your desktop is your office and the world is your workforce.

Here are five ways a VA can keep you organized and focused, allowing you to grow your business and increase your bottom line.


 1.Email Management

Email is one of the great communication tools of the modern era but it’s also one of the worst.

It can sometimes take six emails or 10, to say what could have taken two minutes on the phone.

This does not even include the hundreds of minor requests, friendly chit chat, newsletters, spam and everything else that floods your inbox on a daily basis.

A VA will handle all your email clutter, only forwarding emails that are crucial or ones that  you have specified.


2. Customers, Clients & Contacts

Ensuring your clients are happy, your contacts are up to date and your database current can be a full time job.

This is another task your VA will do better and quicker than you. Their job is to focus on this and only alert you when need be.

You can stay on top of things with regular reports and your business operates in an efficient and organised manner.


Manage your Merchant Account/s

Another important but time consuming job is managing your merchant account.

Whether it’s  making sure you or your pay suppliers are paid on time, there’s a lot of admin required.

A specialist VA with experience in bookkeeping or account management can free you up from invoicing, tracking payments and chasing debtors.


3. Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

With more than two billion people on social media, this is a market you cannot ignore.

By using relevant content targeted at the right audience, you can engage existing customers and attract new ones.

Your VA will maintain and monitor your social media networks, making sure you are active on all the relevant social media channels, providing you with reports as and when you need them.


4. Customer Service

By now you’ve taken care of virtually everything.  You’ve sorted email, admin, banking and marketing.

Your business is growing and your client database is expanding. Attracting customers once is a sale, keeping them is a business.

You need to make sure all client communication is swiftly dealt with. This will keep your customers happy and ensure they return.


Hire Affordable & Professional Virtual Staff

The are numerous benefits to hiring virtual staff.  Two main ones being affordability and the  ability to scale.

These and more you can get with hiring a VirtualStaff365 VA!

By hiring a VA from us for your business in Melbourne or in other parts of Australia, you don’t need to deal with long term lock-ins and HR nightmares.

And you can hire or release as you see fit, according to any agreements in the contract.

All of our staff are well-trained and experienced. Their job is to help you run your business without the cost and hassle of running an office full of people.

If you wish to learn more about how VirtualStaff365 can help you hire an affordable yet professional virtual assistant, make sure you fill out our contact form or give us a call ASAP!