When we think of outsourcing, most of us think about call centres, IT work and data-entry.

Believe it or not however, these aren’t the only businesses functions that can benefit from taking on a virtual team. At VirtualStaff365, we’ve helped businesses source highly skilled professionals in industries as varied as graphic design, engineering and law!

There’s no limit on the types of roles outsourcing can help your financial practice fill. Even financial services like bookkeepers and accountants also stand to benefit from outsourcing parts of their businesses.

If you’ve never considered the idea, don’t worry. Today, we’ll be running through some signs your financial business might benefit from outsourcing part of its services.


1. You’re growing at a rapid pace

For any business owner, a growing business is always a good sign that things are going well.

Of course, more important than simply having growth is how you manage it. For many financial institutions, growth means a surge in your clientele. In many situations, it can also mean offering new financial services.

And naturally, that means bringing on more people to keep up. Additional bookkeepers, accountants, financial advisors. The only problem is finding a professional can be time-consuming. Putting out ads, going through resumes, conducting interviews… the list goes on.

We don’t need to tell you that time is money. If you’re already struggling to keep up with demand, hiring another financial expert can take valuable hours you can’t afford to waste.

One of the benefits of outsourcing is how it allows your business to scale quickly. In our experience, virtual team members can be sourced and onboarded in as little as a week. Agencies like VirtualStaff365 take care of all the paperwork and documentation, ensuring a quick turnaround and minimal stress on your part.

If you need an extra financial expert quickly, outsourcing is one of the quickest (not to mention, cost-effective) ways of doing so!

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2.  You lack manpower

Computers have made the lives of accountants, bookies and financial advisors so much easier. Instead of hand calculations and manual data-entry, computer programs mean that all of this work is automatic, making financial businesses more efficient than in the past.

We’re certainly not calling for a return to the old days! But while automation has made things considerably easier, no computer program comes close to having another qualified bookkeeper, accountant or analyst  on your payroll.

If you’re currently operating with a small team, it can be difficult keeping up with your workload. Even computer programs can’t help you past a certain point – sometimes, you just need an extra pair of hands.

A good option for growing your support team is outsourcing. Whether you need another accountant to deal with your growing client base or a customer service rep to look after incoming calls, outsourcing lets you bring in additional staff members quickly and with minimal fuss.


3. Are you too busy with busy work? A virtual assistant can help!

Anyone that works in financial services or accounting knows that it’s an industry that generates a lot of paperwork. Organising clients’ bills, reports, contracts and legal work… the list goes on and on.

It’s easy to let yourself become utterly swamped by mountains of paperwork. In some cases, the sheer volume of admin work and record-keeping can actually stop you from performing your core business.

In addition to highly-skilled finance personnel, your financial business might also need roles such as data-entry, personal assistants and administrative workers. If this sounds like your practice, a virtual assistant might be just the ticket.

If you’ve got too much work on your hands, you might find your business falling behind. This can cause unnecessary stress on your end… and more importantly, on your clients’.

There’s no limit to the type of role you can outsource. Click here to read about some of the business functions VirtualStaff365 can help you out with.


4. You’re just not that great with numbers

Financial services businesses aren’t the only businesses that can stand to win from bringing on board a virtual team member. Many small, non-financial businesses can benefit by outsourcing their finances!

After all, not everyone is a maths-whiz. And there’s no shame in admitting that!

If you’re a small or medium business owner that spends far too much time poring over spreadsheets at night, why not consider talking to a professional?

Hiring a professional can be expensive. A virtual assistant on the other hand gives your small business access to highly-qualified financial services from a real bookkeeper or accountant – without the associated expenses. In fact, hiring a virtual assistant to look after your business’ bookkeeping can be almost 75% cheaper than hiring locally.

Outsourcing lets your small business take on board real professionals without the price premium that professionals come with. If your business needs a second opinion, a virtual assistant might be just the ticket.


Is your Melbourne business considering outsourcing your financial services?  

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Over the years, we’ve helped all sorts of businesses outsource their finances. We’re big believers in finding the right person for what your organisation needs. We don’t pull from a pool of people – all our virtual assistants are chosen per your requirements.

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