Virtual assistant services wouldn’t exist without modern technology – just try to imagine telecommuting before the internet.

And owing to our reliance on technology, it makes sense that upcoming developments stand to have a huge impact on your virtual staffing arrangements.

Today, we’ll be taking a look into our crystal ball to look at what the future of virtual staffing holds, and what this means for you.

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The increasing prevalence of high-speed internet

We’re not just talking about the Australian Government’s much-maligned NBN either – high-speed internet is taking off in the Philippines too. Many Filipino internet service providers are offering internet plans with up to 100 megabit per second (Mbps) speeds.

The result is a larger potential pool of virtual assistants in the Philippines to draw from. Instead of drawing solely from the Manilla and Cebu areas, you’ll be able to hire talent from the entirety of the Philippines.

This means that even owners of smaller Australian businesses can find somebody to take the grunt work off their hands.

Moreover, it also makes operations smoother – no need to worry about random dropouts and connection failures anymore!


Rising standard of living overseas

Thanks in part to the outsourcing industry, the economy of the Philippines if undergoing a period of rapid growth.

Some might worry that this might eliminate the affordability that virtual staff bring to the table.

However, as it stands wages in the Philippines can be as low as 80% cheaper than their Australian counterparts. As such, a Filipino virtual assistant is still cheaper overall, even with a rising standard of living accounted for.

Not to mention, a rising standard of living is often accompanied by a more educated workforce. As such, this opens the door to more specialist virtual staff in the future.

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How cloud computing continues to change the outsourcing game

Okay, so cloud computing isn’t really a “future” thing – cloud software has been a trend in computing and software development for several years already.

However, what is going to change is the extent to which it’s used.

More and more staple software taking to the cloud. In addition to file storage and email, business essentials like Microsoft Office and the venerable MYOB are also going cloud.

Even video editing software and Photoshop are going this route.

What does this mean for you? Simply put, it means you and your virtual staff will have a much easier time collaborating.

The beautiful thing about cloud software is the flexibility it grants. Any of your staff can access it, no matter which continent they’re based in. In many cases, it also completely eliminates the need to email files between each other.


More than boilerplate work can be handed to virtual staff

On top of relatively boilerplate jobs like, expect to see more specialist roles handed to virtual staff.

A couple of years ago, virtual assistant services were limited to relatively low-risk functions such as data entry. Simply put, there weren’t the means to provide services more sophisticated than that.

Thanks to the aforementioned growth in high-speed internet overseas and cloud computing however, that’s no longer the case. This has created opportunities for more specialised outsourced roles such as:

  • Financial assistants
  • Engineers and draftspeople
  • Accountants
  • Graphic designers
  • Full-stack developers

These are just some of the specialist roles we’ve sourced for at one point or another. Get in contact with VirtualStaff365 if you need a specialist role filled.

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Is automation a risk?

We’ve all heard the buzz surrounding automation. With AI and machine learning coming closer and closer to reality, it’s only natural to wonder whether it’s worth holding off until it becomes more accessible.

While automation is speeding up, there will always be some jobs that simply can’t be handed off to a computer. Take for example graphic design – a machine can’t design logos or format brochures. Or what about customer support? Most people wouldn’t feel comfortable being served by a computer.

If you ask us, automation and virtual staffing go hand-in-hand – one does not replace the other. For example, automated bookkeeping software makes your virtual accountant’s job easier, but doesn’t necessarily replace them altogether.


More providers to choose from

Virtual staffing is a growing industry. As such, there are bound to be a lot of opportunists entering the market.

With so many new entrants, choosing a virtual assistant service that won’t make a mess of things can be difficult.

When choosing a virtual assistant service, do your homework. Make sure you choose a team that:

  • Listens to your requirements
  • Doesn’t use an existing pool of staff
  • Lets you be part of the process
  • Charges you a flat fee, without extra expenses
  • Lets you end your arrangement if it isn’t working


Choose VirtualStaff365

No matter what the future of virtual staffing holds for businesses like yours, if there’s on thing you can count on, it’s VirtualStaff365.

We’re committed to bringing you the best outsourcing solutions for your business. Whether you need somebody to answer emails or are looking for a specialist, we can find someone for you.

Contact our team today to see how we can help you.