Hire Graphic Designers 
in The Philippines as Virtual Staff

Graphic design is one of the easiest tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant as the work is visual. It is also easy to assess the designer’s skills level: by simply looking at the work, you can ascertain if the design meets your requirements.

Unlike other roles that may require training and eagle-eye checking, graphic design is such a visual product, that every time the designer presents you with work product, you are able to make quick assessments. You can also request corrections, improvements, and enhancements.

Training is also kept to a minimum as most Graphic designers in the Philippines have been trained.

How You Can Use
A Graphic Designer


Image Enhancements and Cut Outs

The simplest and easiest tasks we see are those that are repetitive graphic tasks, such as image enhancement or Photoshop cut outs. These do not require creative design but rather Photoshop skills to enhance the images or cut-out the images for catalogues.

Job Description

Adding Logos

Adding logos to product images is another task we see lots of work, especially in the ecommerce industry. Common tasks include images that require changes or when all images within a library need updating.


Digital Ads

Digital banners, advertisements, EDMs, and other digital collateral are always in high demand, thanks to the rapid growth of digital marketing.

Of course traditional design work, including logo design, business cards, and letterheads, is a staple of the industry and can always be done by your graphic designer.

Finding the right outsourced graphic designer

The key to finding the right graphic designer for the right job is to scope out your requirements correctly and define exactly what you need from the designer.

There is no point paying for a creative designer if all you require is Photoshop cut-outs; however if you require modern design techniques and creative flair, it’s worth scoping this properly and paying for the right person.

We will always ask you for ways to test applicants, so you can be sure of the calibre of the graphic designers Philippineswho apply to work for you.


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