Your Guide to Full-Stack eCommerce Outsourcing

So, you run an eCommerce store, but have you considered having specialists help you with your marketing, customer service, logistics and data entry? If the answer is no, then now is the time to think about it!
Your eCommerce store operates 24/7, 365 days a year, which means the right resources are vital for success.
By outsourcing eCommerce services, you can save money, manage time better and upscale your business across all departments like never before.

As a leading outsourced eCommerce solutions provider, VirtualStaff 365can assist you in your search for eCommerce staff to support your online business.
You might be wondering what areas of your business can benefit from eCommerce outsourcing. Well, there are plenty!

Admin & Accounting
One of the most arduous business tasks can be managing financial and administrative duties. Your internal bookkeepers can spend hours on end with spreadsheets, admin and accounting. You can help them by outsourcing all the repetitive accounting and bookkeeping.
Accounting professionals and bookkeepers can be recruited direct from the Philippines to help your bookkeepers with their work, especially as accounting packages become cloud-based like Xero, MYOB, Live Services, and Netsuite.
Don’t like paying a premium price for simple administrative duties? Then don’t! Outsourcing eCommerce admin staff and virtual accountants is a cost-effective and efficient means of ensuring seamless business operations without undertaking repetitive tasks.

Customer Service
eCommerce stores rely on excellent customer service. From answering enquiries to dealing with returns, refunds and reviews, customer service accounts for a lot of the work involved in running an online store; these days, it’s all done online.
By outsourcing customer service staff from the Philippines, you can better manage customer service requests, quickly answer calls and emails and provide online chat support. Overhaul your customer service processes with affordable, skilled and reliable outsourced eCommerce customer care staff.

Shipping & Order Fulfilment
As a business owner, you don’t want to waste your precious time managing supply chains, order fulfilment or shipping requirements. Outsourcing your eCommerce logistics like shipping, supply, and orders is a quick and simple way to free up time and keep operations running smoothly. Virtual eCommerce staff can manage calls, fulfil orders and coordinate shipments, imports and exports to manage your logistics and distribution processes more efficiently.
Shipping and order fulfilment is a vital part of any eCommerce business, but it does not add any extra value to the business’s revenue. Therefore, it makes no sense to have expensive resources do the repetitive mundane tasks, such as communicating with factory freight forwarders and transport companies. A shipping assistant based in the Philippines can help you get all the communication and data entry done for a fraction of the local cost.

Marketing is essential for a business, but it is time-consuming and should be managed by a professional for the best outcomes. Looking to have a virtual marketing assistant to help you manage the marketing of your eCommerce store? Look no further. We can help you hire virtual staff proficient in graphic design, merchandising, social media, copywriting and more!

As a leading eCommerce BPO, we can help you maximise the efficiency of your online business at an affordable rate for better ROI. Contact Virtual Staff 365 to discover the benefits of eCommerce outsourcing. You’ll wish you had done it sooner.