So, you’ve decided that you want to hire a virtual assistant.

If you ask us, you’ve made a great call. And this isn’t just our bias talking, either: virtual staff allow you to:

And all without breaking the bank either!

When you partner with a virtual assistant agency like VirtualStaff365, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be joined by a competent team member who slots perfectly into your business.

And only if you partner with a good agency!

If you ask us, striking out on your own and hiring your own virtual staff is a mistake. Here’s why…

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Sourcing the right virtual staff takes a lot of time

Let’s not beat around the bush: hiring extra staff takes a lot of time. You’ll have to:

  • Write a job description
  • Create or post job listings
  • Sift through potentially hundreds of resumes and CVs
  • Conduct multiple rounds of interviews
  • Do all the onboarding

Sounds time-consuming, right?

We know how busy you are – many business owners work upwards of 50+ hours a week. That doesn’t exactly leave much time for hiring!

Now let’s contrast that with putting the task of hiring a virtual assistant in the hands of an outsourcing provider.

With a virtual assistant agency, you can be as hands-on (or hands-off) as you want. In fact, if you can even go completely hands-off until the interview phase if you want to!

Your outsourcing agency looks after every task that comes with hiring a virtual assistant. They’ll even look after the onboarding process after you make your decision.

Easy, right?

Finding applicants can be hard

Most agencies hire virtual staff from overseas. At VirtualStaff365 for example, we hire virtual assistants from the Philippines and South Africa.

And unfortunately, that makes the hiring process extremely hard to DIY.

For starters, how are you going to source applicants? While sites like SEEK may be good options for hiring staff normally, it doesn’t have much of a presence outside of Australia. You’ll have to find the local equivalent.

The problem: you don’t know where to begin!

Luckily, a virtual staffing agency does know. In addition to knowing where to put job listings for maximum exposure, they also have connections to more specialised job markets, allowing them to track down candidates for more niche roles.

Are you complying with local law?

Another problem that comes with hiring are the legal requirements.

For example, in Australia, every full-time employee is entitled to certain benefits such as:

  • Minimum wage or salary
  • Superannuation
  • 4 weeks of annual leave
  • 10 days of personal leave
  • Long service and parental leave

And that’s just for Australia-based staff – making the decision to hire a virtual assistant from overseas means you’ll have to learn how entitlements work overseas. And you’ll have to do it quickly!

When you partner with an outsourcing provider however, you can rest easy knowing that you needn’t worry about any of that. Your virtual assistant agency understands local laws and ensures that your virtual staffing follows them.

And since we also look after retaining VAs, we’ll also ensure that your staff are handled in a manner that’s consistent with local employment laws.

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Are you overpaying or underpaying your VAs?

When you hire a virtual assistant, one of the first things that goes through your mind is the question of pay.

We aren’t just talking about what salary will attract a good quality candidate either (though that’s certainly a consideration) – it’s just as important that you choose a salary or wage that will be attractive to workers overseas.

One mistake far too many business owners make is assuming that since the cost of living (and therefore, wages) are lower overseas, they can get away with offering a pittance.

Needless to say, you aren’t going to get many qualified candidates with this!

Rates of virtual assistants vary depending on their expertise and type (of whether a part-time or a full-time VA).

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how much you’ll need to pay a VA on an hourly and a monthly basis, an outsourcing provider can help. We’ll ensure that you aren’t over or underpaying – all while helping you save anywhere between 50% to 80% on the cost of wages.

Want to hire a virtual assistant?

Don’t DIY – contact Virtualstaff365 today

VirtualStaff365 manages every step of the recruitment process for you. Not only are we able to help you navigate the trickier aspects of hiring virtual staff, but we can do it while saving you considerable time, effort, and money compared to striking out on your own.

Our team takes care of the entire process:

  • Recruitment
  • Hiring
  • Payroll
  • Management

Thanks to our experience and expansive network of contacts, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best possible person for the job.

Want to hire a virtual assistant? Contact VirtualStaff365 today on (03) 8842 4300, or click here to start a conversation about setting up an outsourcing solution for your business.