While it’s not for every business, many stand to benefit from having a social media presence:

  • It can connect you to your customers
  • You’ll be able to keep your finger on the pulse of the market
  • Social media advertising reaches your target market like never before

Long story short, there’s nothing to lose by putting your business on social media except time.

And it’s here that we run into our first problem.

You’re a busy person – you’ve got meetings to attend, stock to count payroll to process. Between each of these vital tasks (as well as several more), it can be easy to forget about your business’ social media profiles – if you even have one!

Deciding to hire virtual assistants can help. If you want to take your social media strategy to the next level, a VA that specialises in social media management might be just what you need.

Virtual assistants constructing social media strategy with graphs and charts illustration

1) A virtual assistant can create a social media strategy

Who says virtual assistants can only do admin work and data entry jobs?

What many business owners don’t realise is that social media strategy isn’t just about posting whatever’s on your mind at any given time. To gain real traction, it’s important that you carefully plan out your social media strategy.

That means putting careful consideration into:

  • Which social media platforms your audience is on
  • Whether your social media presence is for audience building or advertising
  • The tone you want to strike
  • Your social media goals, milestones, and objectives
  • Scheduling content and posts for maximum reach

Planning for this and executing it can take a lot more time and expertise than many give it credit for. You’ll want someone who has experience in the field, rather than going in blind – enter, your virtual assistant.

Woman On Laptop Looking At Social Media At Hom

2) Manages and creates social media content

Consistency is the key to managing social media accounts. Posting on your social media accounts takes careful planning regarding what, where, and when to post.

Knowing each of these factors will help you maximise the use of your social media accounts.

However, managing your online image and transactions can consume much of your time. You’ll need to generate a lot of tailored content depending on the outlines established in your social media strategy – what works for Instagram won’t work for LinkedIn, for example!

Hire a VA who has a background in using social media. In addition to creating compelling and engaging content that attracts clicks, they’ll be able to ensure that it perfectly matches your audience, as well as the platforms you’re using.


3) Keep on top of your performance with a VA

Posting and updating your social media accounts aren’t enough to create a visible online presence – you’ll also need to sustain it.

The best social media strategies are the ones that keep an eye on their analytics. In particular, good strategies look at engagement, device, and scheduling (among other tasks) and constantly adjust their approach depending on what the numbers say.

Don’t have time to look over the reports?

Can’t tell a bar graph apart from a pie chart?

Hire virtual assistants to take care of it for you!

A virtual assistant can look after all the data, analytics and other social media tracking tools.. They’ll be able to adjust your social media strategy and ensure that your business stay in users’ news feeds.


4) Sustains customer engagement and responds to feedback

With all the meetings, business decisions, paperwork, and other business legwork that you need to attend to, finding time for customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback can be time-consuming.

This is where a social media virtual assistant can help.

We’re going to use ourselves as an example here.

One of the social media platforms we use is Facebook. In addition to raising our profile and advertising for positions, we also field many inquiries through our Messenger.

And this isn’t just business owners – this also includes prospective virtual staff too.

Keeping on top of all of these interactions requires someone with a background in customer service (because let’s face it, that’s essentially what these are!)

Luckily, many of virtual assistants we find have substantial customer service experience under their belts.

In addition to reaching your customers, they’ll also be able to successfully handle irate customers and take questions, building a positive reputation for your business.

All of which means you’ll have more time to focus on the tasks that only you, the business owner, can do.

Smartphone covered in like buttons illustration

Level-up your social media by hiring virtual assistants!

In addition to saving you precious time, hiring virtual assistants can help business owners like yourself by giving you access to specialist and niche skills… without the associated costs!

And that includes VAs with a background in social media.

If you want to get more interactions, website visits and spread your message further, hiring virtual assistants who specialise in social media might be just what you need.

And VirtualStaff365 can help!

VirtualStaff365 helps you and your business to thrive by:

  1. Taking time off your hands
  2. Connecting you to specialists at an affordable rate

We don’t just take care of recruitment either – we’ll also look after onboarding, admin, payroll and employee retention too.

Contact VirtualStaff365 at (03) 8842 4300, or click here to talk to us about hiring virtual assistants for your social media requirements.