In my opinion, the decision to hire virtual staff is one of the best you can make… especially if you:

  • Struggle with your workload
  • Constantly take work home
  • Feel life and work blurring together

Unfortunately, not all business owners get the help they need. In some cases, it’s simply because they don’t know virtual virtual staffing is an option (if this is you, feel free to look around to find out more!)

In other cases however, it’s because they’re being held back by one (or more) of these outdated myths.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to lay down the law and expose the truth. However, with so much misinformation and confusion floating around, it felt necessary to do it a second time!

Uncomfortable interviewers whispering about bad job applicant

Myth #1: Anyone can be a virtual assistant

Some people think that all it takes to become a virtual assistant is a computer and an internet connection. As a result, many think that if they hire virtual staff, they’re only going to get low-quality candidates.

While technology has made remote working a lot easier, that doesn’t mean that virtual staffing applicants are low-caliber.

At VirtualStaff365, we’ve sourced virtual assistants for a wide range of roles. In addition to standard roles like admin, it also includes specialist positions:

  • Engineering draftspeople
  • Legal assistants
  • Full-stack developers
  • Financial advisors

Each of these roles requires a high level of training and experience. So as you can see, not just anybody can become a virtual assistant!


Myth #2: All it takes is a computer and internet connection

While computer and internet connection are necessities for a virtual assistant, having both is not enough to survive a virtual workplace.

For starters, your virtual staff will need any unique tools or programs that use in your business. For example, if you’ve hired a virtual bookkeeper, they’ll need access to your finances and bookkeeping platform.

Generally speaking, you’ll also need to think about:

  • Communication
  • Time-tracking
  • File-sharing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Diaries and planners

Looking for tips to “handle” your virtual staff?


Myth #3: Virtual assistants work solely from home

Most virtual assistant services will connect you with virtual assistants who work out of their own homes.

This is the ideal solution for smaller businesses. However, it isn’t perfect – what if you…

  • Have sensitive data that needs securing?
  • Plan on building a virtual team?
  • Need additional computer infrastructure?

If so, an office environment might fit better with your plans.

Luckily, that’s an option for your virtual staffing!

We’ve got connections with several BPO (business process outsourcing) outfits. This allows you to build an entire office parallel to yours, complete with IT support, HR and management (which we’ll look after for you).


Overworked young woman working late at home

Myth #4: Virtual assistants work part-time, at night or as a side-gig

When a lot of people imagine virtual assistants, they think of night owls and zombies working at night as a side-gig. Their minds go towards people earning a couple extra dollars on Fiverr or Airtasker.

I’m going to go ahead and bust this myth right off the bat.  The outsourcing industry in the Philippines employs 1.3 million people – most of the full-timers.

Sure, some less-reputable agencies might connect you with someone who’s working multiple jobs. However, this is the exception and not the rule!

Not only does this mean their attention is 100% on helping you get your time back, but it also eliminates potential conflicts of interest.

Just imagine if it came to light that your virtual assistant was working for a competitor of yours on the side.

Other business owners may require a different time zone that falls late at night and before early dawn, but not all are in the pace.

Depending on the job requirement and country where the business is based, business owners will often adjust to the time zone of their virtual staff so they can communicate well and manage their staff with a little time difference.

Businessman sitting in corner wearing dunce cap

Myth #5: Virtual assistants are just warm bodies

While they may be based overseas, virtual assistants are still your employees. Just like your Melbourne team, virtual staff need to be competent and skilled. It isn’t enough to just turn up!

Unlike other virtual assistant services, we’re also extremely selective with the applicants we do end up forwarding to you. Other agencies will just drop a pile of resumes in your inbox- on the other hand, we carefully weed out applicants that aren’t fit for your requirements.

Not to mention, there’s a difference between generalist and specialist virtual staff. And like we mentioned under myth #1, specialist staff have specialist skills – the polar opposite of a warm body.


Looking to hire virtual staff? Choose VirtualStaff365!

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