Just like filling any other position, when you decide to hire virtual staff it’s crucial that you get the right person for your team and business.

Just because the applicants may be based overseas and working remotely doesn’t change the importance of a good job listing, interviewing and onboarding processes!

Unfortunately, not all virtual staffing agencies appreciate this.

Finding the right virtual assistant for your business starts with the hiring process. This is something we’re acutely aware of at VirtualStaff365 – that’s why we put so much effort into our recruitment process!


How does the VirtualStaff365 system work?

At VirtualStaff365, we don’t cut corners – unlike other virtual staffing agencies, we don’t pull staff from a pool of applicants.

Rather, what we do is seek out and hire virtual assistants with the specific skills, experience, and training you need. This is what gives us our ability to hire such suitable candidates, including specialists!

1) Discovery

Before we post a job or suggest any potential candidate, we start by sitting down with you to get to know you. During this conversation, we build an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve and why you’re hiring a virtual staff.

There are two reasons we do this:

  1. To get to know you (we’re going to be working together, after all)
  2. So that we can determine the virtual staffing setup that works best for you

Crucially, it’s also during this stage that we determine whether or not your business will benefit from hiring virtual staff at all!

While virtual assistants can be a massive boon, not all businesses stand to benefit from it.  Unlike many virtual assistant agencies, we’ll tell you upfront and direct you towards more suitable options.


2) Job description

Creating the right job description isn’t as simple as just listing a couple bullet points and calling it a day. A good job description is crucial, and essential if you want the right candidate for the role.

During this step, we’ll assist in creating a job description that reflects your needs. You outline the specific tasks, hours and requirements, and we’ll add any requirements we feel are necessary to make the arrangement work out.


3) Recruitment

The moment of truth: finding candidates and whittling them down until we’re left with the best fit for the job.

Recruiting is a time-consuming process. If you can’t spare the time to go through resumes and whatnot, you won’t have to – we’ll do it all for you!

Using your specific requirements, we carefully select top candidates. Unlike other virtual staffing agencies, our focus isn’t on getting you the biggest possible number of applicants – rather, it’s in presenting you the smallest possible pool.

Our team sort through the hundreds of applicants the typical posting receives and present you with only the best applicants – heaven knows you don’t have time to do that on your own.

Another service we offer is testing. If you have special requirements, tell us: we’ll put together a test to see which applicants know their stuff. We even perform in-house English testing too.

In fact, the only time you’ll have to get involved is during the final interview if you’re so inclined!


4) Onboarding

After you’ve selected the preferred candidate, we will make the offer.

Our work doesn’t end there, however. Upon accepting the job offer, we’ll also help you onboard your new staff.

During onboarding, we’ll help you and your virtual assistants wrap your heads around the tools and software you’ll be using to collaborate and communicate.

And in cases of office-based virtual staff, our office facilities contain training facilities – perfect for businesses that might have proprietary systems or special processes.

Punching in with time card machine

5) Timekeeping and payroll

One of the challenges that come with hiring virtual staff is overcoming the time and distance gap. Luckily, there are plenty of tools and software you can use to overcome these issues.

We set your business up with the tools you need to track virtual staff, including to-the-minute time tracking and screenshots of their computers so you know they aren’t getting distracted.

You won’t even have to worry about pay runs either – our team provides reliable payroll services, ensuring your staff are paid the correct amount, on-time.


6) Employee retention and management

Our team don’t just hire – we also help you retain and manage too!

Our Philippines office provides full HR services to your business, ensuring your team work together well and resolving dramas.

For office-based setups, our on-site managers also ensure that everything at your virtual office are going smoothly, ensuring your virtual staffing is a success.


Hire virtual staff with VirtualStaff365

So know you know how our process works.

The only thing you have to do now is to call!

Whether you need an office-based or home-based virtual assistant, VirtualStaff365 is the team to call. We make hiring virtual staff easy – and it’s all thanks to our recruitment process!

Discuss your virtual staff requirements with us at (03) 8842 4300, and we will help you set up an effective outsourcing solution to your business.