Your Business by Design: Hiring an Online Graphic Designer


Does your company website creative need a re-vamp? Perhaps your social media content could do with a makeover? Or maybe you need some eye-catching visuals for promotional and print material?

Whatever the case, a graphic designer is an obvious solution. But what if we told you that you don’t have to pay an expensive freelancer, attempt DIY, or spend time interviewing and hiring costly full-time designers?

Thanks to the expansion of professional online services, you can now employ your very own online graphic designer for a fraction of the cost of an Australian employee!

With so much eCommerce content relying on visual appeal and clever branding, it makes sense to integrate an online graphic designer into your business.

Despite new technology making graphic design more achievable for the average Joe, I am sure many business owners and company marketing departments would agree that it’s incredibly time consuming and costly trying to do it yourself.

Meanwhile, hiring a freelancer or creative agency for your online graphic design tasks can be expensive, as you are often charged hundreds of dollars for only a few hours of work. With an online graphic designer, you can save money and time. Simply brief the task and deadline, then sit back and relax.


Benefits of Hiring an Online Graphic Designer

  1. Quick

Graphic design is a visual product, which means it’s incredibly quick and easy to brief the job, assess material and provide feedback, request corrections and enhancements.

  1. No Training Needed

Another key benefit is that all of our outsourced graphic designers are highly skilled in their field, so there is no training required.

  1. Professional

Our online graphic designers are high-calibre candidates who demonstrate a wealth of industry experience, creative flair, and understanding of modern design techniques. You can rest assured your graphic design is sleek, consistent, and professional.

After all, there is no point paying for a creative designer if all you require is Photoshop cut-outs.


Our role at VirtualStaff365 is to scope out your requirements correctly and define precisely what you need to make sure you find the perfect online graphic designer.

Of course, we understand the need to hire the perfect person for the job, which is why comprehensive applicant testing and job screening is undertaken prior to taking on any position. Are you looking to build an outsourced marketing team? We can also help you hire social media and SEO specialists, expert developers and more!

With the help of online graphic designers, it is now easier and more affordable than ever to build your own business aesthetic and produce content that stands out. So what are you waiting for? Bring your brand to life by contacting us today and let us help you source an online graphic designer for your business.

Call VirtualStaff365 on (03) 8842 4300 today to chat about options for online graphic designers.