The first quarter of 2019 is coming to an end. And if you run a business that relies on direct sales,  that means that it’s time to look at whether or not you’ve been hitting our sales targets.

Anyone who’s worked in direct sales knows that chasing leads and closing deals can take a long time. Thankfully, there’s a solution: virtual staffing.

Hiring virtual staff is all about saving time. If you ask me, the best use for virtual staff is to eliminate all the time-consuming tasks that you shouldn’t be doing yourself, thereby giving you more time to focus on what you’re good at.

And in this case, that means making more sales!

Eager to pump up your sales figures for the next quarter? If so, hiring virtual staff might be exactly what your business needs.

Lead generation

Generating new leads is the lifeblood of any direct-sales business. Without leads, your salespeople have nothing to work with, and can’t move forward.

The problem is that generating those leads can be an extremely time-consuming process!

VA’s can directly contact potential clients, either through outbound call centres, social media or email campaigns – whichever channels you use as part of your sales strategy.

Think of your VA’s job as sorting through the haystack to find the metaphorical needle (in this case, “hot” leads that are likely to lead to a sale). Once they identify quality leads, they can pass them off to your sales team to pursue.

By taking this part of the sales process of their hands, this gives your team more time to pursue sales.

CRM system using computers and filing cabinet


Customer and lead databases are key to any direct sales business. You need an effective CRM system to track potential leads and customers, as well as their viability and any other unique information.

As anyone who’s ever worked in data-entry knows, however, building these databases can be a long, time-consuming process.

Enter, virtual staffing.

In addition to generating leads, hiring virtual staff also frees your sales team from performing monotonous data-entry and database maintenance.


Create marketing materials

Sales calls aren’t the only things that virtual staff can do for your business – another crucial part of landing sales and closing deals are sales support materials and assets like:

  • Brochures
  • Graphs and charts
  • Product specs
  • Data and statistics
  • eBooks and white papers
  • … and more!

These supporting materials also play an important role in making a sale. While your sales team might be real go-getters, they might not be so hot at putting together these types of materials.

So why not hand these materials off to someone who specialises in these?

Among the many roles VirtualStaff365 has filled over the years are positions such as graphic designers, copywritersand data analysts.

Who knows, hiring virtual staff who specialise in these areas may be what you need to close those sales you were missing out on before!

Post-sale service

Making the sale is just one thing your salespeople will have to do – in many cases, your sales team are pulling double-duty and working as case managers too!

While post-sale service and support are important, it isn’t always the best use of your sales team’s time. Not to mention, sales and customer service use two completely different skill sets – a killer salesperson doesn’t always make for a good case manager.

Hiring virtual staff to perform case management and post-sales service doesn’t just free up your sales team – you’ll also be able to affordably support a team of dedicated customer service superstars to maintain your current clients.


Hiring virtual staff can take your sales to the next level

And that’s where VirtualStaff365 comes in!

VirtualStaff365 helps Australian business owners big and small enjoy the benefits of virtual staffing – including businesses that rely on direct sales.

We provide tailored outsourcing solutions, catered to what your business needs.

During our initial meetings, we’ll sit down with you to determine how virtual staff can best be employed to help achieve your business goals, whether that’s by:

  • Generating leads and maintaining your CRM
  • Case-management and customer service
  • Admin support such as bookkeeping

Contact Neville at (03) 8842 4300, or click here to arrange a conversation about your outsourcing requirements.