Home or office?

It’s one of the very first questions you’ll be faced with when you decide on virtual assistant services. Should you hire virtual staff who work from an office?

Or is your business better served by virtual assistants working from the comfort of their own homes?

Home-based and office-based virtual staff each offer their own unique advantages. The option that’s best for you depends on your requirements.

Which option will work best for you? Talk to a virtual assistant service!

When should my business hire virtual staff who work from home?

Thanks to the march of technology, working from home is easier than ever before. You might even have done it yourself a couple of times.

This same technology is what allows outsourcing providers to offer home-based virtual assistants for businesses like yours.

How can you tell if your business the right type for home-based workers?


1) Not all virtual assistants need an office environment

The vast majority of our clients hire virtual staff who are based from the home.

Why’s this?

It’s simple: not all virtual staff need a formal office environment!

Many of the tasks you’ll be assigning your virtual staff are one-person jobs. Services like bookkeeping, SEO and graphic design can be performed individually.

Not to mention, in most cases, they can be performed using any old desktop PC – you don’t need a supercomputer to run MYOB, for example!

And that leads us directly into point  number 2 for home-based virtual staff…


2) It’s more affordable

The reason virtual assistant services offer home-based workers is simple: it’s cheaper!

One of the biggest attractions  of virtual staffing is that it’s more affordable than hiring locally. It’s a cost-effective way of bringing specialist knowledge into your business… without the associated cost.

Choosing home-based virtual staff makes this even more affordable.

With home-based virtual staff, you’ll enjoy a lower monthly cost. Your VAs will use their own computers, printers and phones – no need to invest in any office equipment yourself.

It gets better – in addition to cutting out the cost of equipment, you’ll also eliminate rent and utilities, reducing your monthly fee even further.

Fixed monthly costs are a killer for many businesses. If you can save a bit of money by cutting out the cost of rent and utilities, then why not?


When do you need office-based virtual assistant services?

Sometimes, an entire team of staff working from home won’t cut it. Outsourcing providers are able to offer office-based staffing solutions for just these situations.

What types of businesses benefit from office-based staffing solutions?


1) When you have a big team

Perhaps you’re starting to take on bigger clients; maybe your first VA worked out so well, that you’ve decided to onboard additional virtual team members.

Either way, you have an entire virtual team on your hands.

We’ve discussed in previous articles  about the importance of communication in a virtual staffing arrangement. And while there are plenty of tools out there that enable your team to work together remotely, it’s simpler to just have everybody in the same building.

So why not cut out the middleman, so to speak?

If you can’t afford bottlenecks or delays, office-based virtual staff might be just what your business needs.


2) Businesses that need to keep sensitive information protected

Data security has been making headlines the world over for months now. Facebook, Google, Uber… each of these companies are accused of not taking enough steps to protect user data.

Work-from-home virtual assistant might not be able to offer the same level of data security. Home-based virtual assistant use their own connections and PCs – how secure is your home network against potential attacks?

At VirtualStaff365, our office-based virtual staff can work on VPNS’s (encrypted connections) using secured computers. In collaboration with IT professionals, we’ve set up firewalls and security measures that offer a greater level of security for your sensitive business information.

Additionally, our office has dedicated managerial staff on-site, who keep your virtual team running and can keep a lookout for information leaks.


3) Some jobs work best in an office

Like we mentioned above, not all jobs need to be done in an office.

That said, there are some roles that only work in an office

Let’s use call centre outsourcing as an example. Anybody who has ever worked in one knows that sometimes, calls need to be escalated or answers found. Usually, this involves putting the caller on hold and escalating to someone who does know.

Sure, a home-based call centre operator can send an IM to the relevant person. But it’s so much quicker when they’re able to get up, knock on that person’s door and get an answer right then and there.

This type of speedy answer is essential for customer service outsourcing like call centres, and it’s an important factor when hiring virtual staff.


Make the right decision for your business

Feeling overwhelmed? Get in touch with VirtualStaff365!

Hiring virtual staff can help turn your business around – that is, if you make the right calls.

We starts by building an understanding of what you need. That means looking at:

  • What business processes you’re outsourcing
  • Your budget
  • How much security you require
  • Whether your outsourced processes need an entire team

From there, we create tailored outsourcing solutions. We offer a range of different setups, from home to office-based, as well as a wide range of services.

Using these, we’re able to create packages that suit your unique needs, giving you exactly what your business needs. Give us a ring today, or contact us online to see how virtual staffing can turn your business around.