OK, so you have already identified that you need to hire a virtual assistant, so what’s the best way to hire a virtual assistant?

Call me

There’s no obligation, so I always suggest the first step is to call me.
It may sound a bit forward, as usually that is the last step, but in truth, you want to speak to someone who has already used many virtual assistants and really understands the process, and can understand what kind of assistance you need. I will tell you more about the process, both positive and negative.
In the call, I will ask various questions about what you are hoping to achieve.
I always try to establish if your requirements are unrealistic or not, and only recently on 5 May I advised a caller to seek help elsewhere as I could not ensure success, based on their unrealistic requirements. As our process can take 2-3 weeks to find a suitable VA, we do not want to put in all that time and effort, knowing the odds of success for you are small.

Job Description

Hire a virtual assistant

We’ll then ask you to send us a job description, and we’ll help you to do this.
As we’ll be recruiting this person for you, so we want as much information as possible, and we’ll also prompt the questions so that we get the most information from you.

This job description helps us to recruit the right person for you, so we’ll need to know:
– what prior experience you require
– what skills they have
– what level of English you require
– will they be client-facing i.e. what level of English they should have
– what working hours do you require them to be at work
– If working from home, is background noise going to be an issue(yes, if they are on the phone to clients or prospects)
Remember to be honest about what you need done, and what skills you want the person to have, so we can find the right person for your business.

We put forward candidates

It usually takes 2-3 weeks before we are ready to put forward candidates.
We aim to put forward 3 candidates, depending on our findings, and the most we have put forward is 6 candidates. And sometimes we put forward a candidate and realise our search was not accurate enough, so we go back to our database, and start again.

We also include the cost of each candidate, so you know what the financial cost are, before you meet with anyone.

Meet the candidates

You select which candidates you want to “meet” and we set this up for you, using Skype.
We try to exclude candidates that don’t have webcams as we believe it’s important to see the candidates face-to-face and have a conversation with them, to see if:

– You feel you can work with them
– They can detail what experience they have
– You can test their knowledge

Select your candidate

select and hire a virtual assistant

Once you tell us who you wish to work for you, we will make the candidate a job offer, and if they accept the offer, we establish the start date. Some have to give 15 days notice, others 30 days notice and others are available immediately.

Of course, the candidate may want more information, or may even have some questions before accepting the position. We help to answer all questions and help you to get the best candidate accept the offer.


Once they accept the offer, we start the onboarding process, that includes a rigorous process of validating all their information including where possible doing reference checks.

To do this requires some time, and can take up to 3 business days as well as taking into account any notice period the staff may have to give a previous employer.

This can only be done with the help of our team on the ground in the Philippines, and we do our best to ensure we are hiring quality staff for your business.

VirtualStaff365’s Role

It’s also our role to help you through the process of onboarding and get the virtual assistant started
We also:
– invoice you once a month in AUD$
– pay your staff twice a month to ensure their cash flow is smoothed out
– provide time and attendance services, ensuring staff don’t drop off your radar
– provide tools to help you see what your staff are working on throughout the day including timesheeting and regular screenshots
– provide HR services to help retain your staff

Call us now to get started

Now you know what the process involves to hire a virtual assistant, call me for a chat without any pressure or obligation. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.