Hire inbound or outbound Call Centre Representatives

Hire inbound or outbound
call centre representatives
virtual staff

The two main reasons to outsource your call centre is to:

  • Free up your staff’s time and energy
  • Reduce the added expense of running a call centre when it’s not your business primary focus

If the first point of contact your customers have with your business is your call centre, it’s important to get it right. It may be that your call centre receives inbound calls to express interest in your product or to buy something, or perhaps your call centre provides service to existing customers, including IT and product support. Perhaps you want to provide 24 hour support.

Selecting the right
call centre provider

Selecting the right call centre is a big decision, and when you have never done this before it can be daunting. That’s why VirtualStaff365 has a range of highly-skilled call centres available to our clients, dependent on the level of service you require and your budget.

Selecting the right representative
What to look for inbound outbound call centre

What to look for

Off shore call centers need to provide reliable infrastructure. Internet connections need to be robust and have redundancy built in. IT expertise is required to get the VOIP system working and calls routed correctly, and most important, you want happy staff working in your organisation.

It’s paramount to engage a call centre that:

  • Gives you flexibility to scale up and down as your business needs change
  • Is filled with expertise to ensure that your calls are being handled just the way you like
  • Ensure that your customers have a great experience.
  • Is priced to suit your business

What our clients say

Call centre versus
answering service

Handling inbound sales calls or helping customers with support is different to having an answering service directing your inbound calls.
Often an answering service will simply take messages for your virtual staff, or direct calls to the appropriate person in the organisation.

Costs can also vary depending on the level of expertise you may require to handle your inbound calls. All these challenges are part of the discovery process when selecting the right virtual staff call centre to assist you grow and scale your business.

Call centre versus answering service

Why use Virtual Staff 365?

Virtual Staff 365 has already done the hard work to actively select the best call centres available in the Philippines.

These call centres have excellent infrastructure along with the flexibility to help your business grow according to your budget. We meet these call centres on our regular trips to the Philippines to ensure that the solution worked out for you is always the best solution.

No hidden costs

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