So you’ve done everything you can to improve your business. You’ve looked at all the usual suspects: processes, systems, materials… yet despite your best efforts, nothing’s sticking.

Here’s an idea you mightn’t have tried yet: why not hire virtual staff?

More and more businesses are opting for virtual workers. If you’re looking to improve your  productivity and overall efficiency, you might want to as well!

Not completely sold on the idea? As a virtual staffing agency in Melbourne, we’ve used virtual staffing to help countless businesses become more effective. Here are just a handful of the ways how.

Highly-skilled and knowledgeable talent, without the price tag!

Let’s not pussyfoot around the issue – hiring specialists can get pricey.

Human resources are important for thriving businesses. Unfortunately, more advanced knowledge goes for a premium, which many small and medium businesses just can’t afford.

Enter virtual assistants.

Virtual staffing connects you with some of the most experienced and talented staff in their field at a fraction of the cost:

  • Engineers
  • Draftsmen
  • Legal assistants
  • Accountants
  • Graphic designers

The only thing you need to do? Touch base with a reliable outsourcing company to hire virtual staff for your business.

In addition to saving money, you’ll also save time. No more waiting for weeks or even months sifting through applications – agencies like VirtualStaff365 make the hiring process short and simple.


How hiring virtual staff stops office costs from ballooning

Lower wages relative to Australia aren’t the only way hiring a virtual assistant can save you money. There’s also the question of capital.

Any new staff member comes with associated expenses – a new computer, desk and if you’re expanding your team dramatically, maybe even an all new office.

Needless to say, since virtual staff work remotely, the amount of upscaling you’ll need to do is minimal.

This allows you to grow your team without spending a cent on expenses on office space, supplies, materials and hardware.

Whether you opt for a home-based solution or an office-based solution, computers, printers and high speed internet are already provided. That means you can allocate precious resources on things that matter more, like better utilities, upgrades or even a rainy day fund.


More opportunities for work collaboration

Hiring virtual staff can also present businesses with greater opportunities to improve office collaboration and information flow.

Wait, what? How does that work?

Let us explain. As we’ve covered before, virtual staff require different communication arrangements. We won’t bore you with the details, but simply put, it necessitates:

  • Faster communication channels
  • Collaborative working arrangements
  • A quick way to share files
  • Improved record-keeping systems

This can be achieved through commercially-available software and apps.

What you mightn’t have immediately thought of however is how this can help your Melbourne-based team work more efficiently too.

Once you have a more effective communication and workflow systems and processes for your virtual staff, rolling these out to the rest of your team is trivial. This might be just the kick up the backside you need to improve your organisation!


Make admin quick, easy and painless!

Admin – just the word sends shivers up the spine of many a business owner. Payroll, invoicing, scheduling… talk about a pain in the neck.

Can’t afford to hire an extra pair of hands to look after this for you? Why not hire virtual staff?

Virtual staff save you time, simple as that. They’re perfect for eliminating repetitive, boilerplate admin tasks. This helps business owners focus on growing their business rather than exhausting time and energy on admin.

Imagine that, a business without admin work taken off your hands – it’s a lot easier than you might think thanks to virtual staff.


You need to be open after 5pm

At VirtualStaff365, the majority of our virtual staff are sourced from the Philippines.

There are plenty of reasons for this, which you can read here. Chief among them however is the proximity – Philippines time is only 2 hours behind eastern standard time, perfect for most Aussie businesses.

For others however, business doesn’t stop at 5pm. Maybe your customers hail from all over the globe, or you field a lot of after-hours calls.

Good luck finding somebody in Australia willing to work those hours. And we haven’t even talked about penalty rates for night shifts either!

In addition to the Philippines, we can also set you up with outsourcing solutions based in South Africa.

South Africa standard time is 8 hours behind AEST. When you clock off at 5pm, it’ll be 9am in South Africa – the perfect time for a South Africa-based virtual assistant to take the reins from your Melbourne team.


Hire virtual staff to make your business more effective!

Whether you are in a small, medium or big sized business, hiring virtual staff can make your business dramatically more effective.

Looking for an outsourcing partner? Get in touch with VirtualStaff365 today!

We specialise in providing tailored outsourcing solutions for your business. Whether you need a personal assistant, data entry, admin support or specialist roles, virtual staff help you and your team focus on core tasks.

The result is a business that simply works better!

Contact us today on (03) 8842 4300. Alternatively, you can get in touch online to organise a meeting and together, we’ll make your business work better.