After weeks of anticipation, interviewing and careful deliberation, you’ve finally found the virtual staff to add to your team!

But before you send them a list of tasks you’d like your new staff to complete, ask yourself: are you ready?

Do you know what to expect in the first place?

Do you know how to successfully “handle” remote staff?

One of the cardinal sins many commit when hiring a virtual worker is going in with the wrong expectations their virtual staff. And after they’re hired and onboarded, many make other mistakes, like giving their VAs the wrong types of work.

Your virtual staff aren’t just the “help” – they’re fully-fledged members of your team.

And just like other members of your staff, getting the most out of your virtual staff is a 2-way street. Make sure you build a successful employer-virtual staff relationship by thinking about:



Deadlines: is there a specific time you need tasks completed by?

Giving out tasks without deadlines is suicide when you’re a business owner. It’s like as if you are sending off your staff to buy something from a distant place not knowing when will your virtual worker come back.

It is best to consider if you have a specific timeline in mind that you need the task to be completed.

Failure to do this would result in procrastination of your staff and stress on your part not knowing when will you the task be done and how long should it last.


Is your business VA-friendly?

Your virtual assistants are great – we make sure of that.

However, they’re only human. Sometimes messages will slip through the cracks, instructions will be unclear or goals misunderstood.

When it happens to your local office staff, clearing things up takes almost no effort – all they have to do is poke their head into your office and ask.

Virtual staff however don’t have that luxury.

Assuming that your virtual assistant understands every task you’ve given them right off the bat can be dangerous. You’ve got to make sure they can get ahold of you for those instances where things don’t go according to plan.

Before taking on virtual staff, ask yourself: is your organisation virtual staff-friendly?

  • Do you use quick methods for communicating, like instant messaging?
  • Are your important files accessible remotely?
  • How do you co-ordinate projects? Do you use project management tools?
  • How’s your communication infrastructure?

In our experience, the businesses that find the most success with their virtual staff are the ones that already have communication systems readyfor remote workers.

Does yours allow your virtual staff to quickly get in touch with you when they have to? If not, you may have to think about changing things up a bit!


Is there anything your virtual staff will need to complete this task?

They say only a poor worker blames their tools.

While that’s true for the most part, there are some instances where that doesn’t hold up.

For example, if you don’t give your virtual staff the tools they need to complete a task!

Before giving out tasks to your virtual assistant, make sure they have everything they’ll need:

  • Login details to your software
  • Materials, assets and files
  • Access to the appropriate programs and tools

Let’s say you employ a virtual assistant to look after your bookkeeping. Your bookie VA isn’t going to be much use if they don’t have access to your records or an account with MYOB!

Setting up the right accounts and permissions is especially important when dealing with virtual staff. In many cases, you’ll need special software to keep in touch – if you don’t have these set up, your virtual assistant isn’t going to be much help!


Will your virtual assistant need any special instructions to complete this task?

Many of the virtual assistants we source at VirtualStaff365 have a background in remote working. After all, outsourcing roles make up 27% of all new jobs in the Philippines!

However, not all businesses are identical. When onboarding a new VA, you’ll want to make sure that they’re briefed on how everything works at your business. In particular, you’ll want to teach them which things work differently at your place.

This extends beyond the initial induction, too.

Be sure to brief your virtual assistant on your unique policies.

Perhaps some of your jobs have unique challenges, or some clients have special needs.

You need to make sure your staff are 100% in-the-loop about this type of thing. These details might make – or break – a task!


Are YOU ready to work with virtual staff?

Working with virtual staff is a whole different ball game to working with in-office staff. We’ve touched on some of the challenges that come with remote working setups before, including:

  • Working as a team over distance
  • Communication problems
  • Managing team members who aren’t in the same building

These challenges require a different approach to management from in-office staff. You can’t always treat your virtual assistants the same way you treat the rest of your team.

If you’re inducting virtual staff into your organisation, you need to be ready to change your management style.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered – here are a couple of pointers to get you started.


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