The virtual assistant trend has grown substantially over the years in Australia, and many businesses are seeing the benefits of outsourcing.

For the most part, Australian businesses that require a call centre are utilising virtual assistants from a number of countries.

However, Australians are branching out into the other areas of the virtual assistant world.

Virtual assistant services vary from business to business. There’s one thing that is universal, however: business owners and operators want more time. And a Virtual Assistant can help with that!

Whatever the specialisation or sector, we pride ourselves on our ability to source the best person for each job and taking the time to understand exactly what our clients need.

The Philippines has been a great pool from which we provide our virtual assistants, handpicked just for you.

You may be wondering just what services you can use a virtual assistant for, other than a call centre, so take a look at these most in demand services in Australia.


Data entry assistants

Often used as the “taster”, many businesses will start off with the request for a data entry assistant. Why should you outsource data entry? There are a ton of reasons!

Outsource data entry

After all, not everybody has an eye for numbers and stats. So why not outsource data entry instead?

  • Generally, a data entry process, if shown once, can be repeated easily and quickly
  • The work is simple, and a quick copy and paste can often get the job done
  • There is, most times, no need for your assistant to deal with your clients, which takes that stress away
  • The work can be easily monitored for speed and accuracy
  • Most businesses, at some point or another, need to have data captured, but it can be NIP work (non-income producing), so it is best outsourced
  • It frees up your in-house staff to get on with their actual more important work
  • It’s significantly cheaper when outsourced to the Philippines


Graphic designers

Every business needs graphic design, from your logo and your business cards, to website images and your branded posters.  

Why outsource graphic design work?

  • As the work is visual, you can easily see, with a quick glance, if the graphic designer is getting it right
  • The graphic designers we source are well-trained and have extensive experience
  • From small jobs, such as logo creation, to large jobs like web design, we are able to source the perfect graphic designer for you
  • Filipino graphic designers are the most creative we have come across!


Virtual assistants

As your business grows, the struggle of keeping on top of all your meetings, emails and events all while finding time to run your business can be overwhelming – trust me, I’ve been there. Sometimes you get to a point when you know you need help.

If this resonates with you, then a Virtual Assistant might be the perfect addition to your business.  

H3> What can a virtual assistant handle?

  • Take incoming calls and handling queries from your customers
  • Manage your emails
  • Schedule meetings
  • Entering data
  • Report creation
  • Monitoring social media accounts
  • And so much more!


Customer service and support

The most successful businesses have a very high customer service rating (NPS), so hiring customer service staff to monitor and take customer calls makes sense.

Your assistant can attend to your customer’s queries via a few platforms, using email, live chat and directly on the phone.

This way, your office staff can focus on more challenging tasks.


Need help finding outsourcing solutions? Talk to the Melbourne Virtual Assistant experts!

Hiring virtual staff can take you from a one-man show to a ten-man enterprise, without actually fully employing anyone and having to deal with HR nightmares and stress.

For help finding the right outsourcing solutions for your business, talk to VirtualStaff365! We will take the headache out of the equation, and find the right outsourcing solutions for you.

Whether you need affordable web design, bookkeeping or a virtual receptionist, we will find the answer.  So, give us a call today to start getting your time back.