Going out? You’re reachable 24/7.

Unsure about something? The answers are a couple of taps away.

Don’t want to go out to the cinema? No problem, just fire up Netflix.

There’s no denying that our lives are easier than ever before. That extends to all aspects of daily life: recreation, education and most importantly for you, your business.

One dramatic change is that all of a sudden, business process outsourcing is within the reach of even small business owners like yourself!


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Outsourcing back then: why it didn’t take off

Lower overhead costs.

Access to unique knowledge and skills.

The ability to get your time back by taking time-consuming, boilerplate work off your hands.

No matter which way you spin it, business process outsourcing comes with a lot of undeniable advantages. However, up until very recently you didn’t see that many small businesses forging ahead with it.



It was a slog

In the past, few small businesses would be able to justify outsourcing. The simple reason? It was just too much work!

Back in the old days, outsourcing involved huge costs. You’d have to set up a direct phone line overseas, rent out office space and set up a management structure.

And for most small businesses, this would just have been too much.

Nowadays though? Completely different story. While you’ll still need to do a lot of work on your end, it’s much easier to:

  • Get in touch with virtual assistants
  • Assign and monitor tasks
  • Track time and activities

Is it any wonder we’re seeing a boom in small businesses going the virtual staff route?

Everyone assumed it was just for big companies

When you think of outsourcing, chances are your mind immediately goes to the big end of town like banks, call centres and large multinationals.

My pet theory is that this is because of the aforementioned hassle outsourcing used to come with. Only big companies had the resources and money to set everything up and the impression just stuck.

Black mouse and keyboard

Outsourcing nowadays

While outsourcing might not be easy per se, it’s certainly a lot easier! Technology has bridged the gap of distance and time, making it possible for even small businesses to set up their own business process outsourcing.  


Getting started is easy

Unsure about something? Google to the rescue!

Finding the answers to your questions is easier than ever before now. And the same applies to outsourcing.

Back in the old days, you needed to have connections with people overseas to set up your outsourcing. Nowadays though, your outsourcing journey can start with little more than a simple click!

Of course, just like everything else you find online, not all of it is above-board. You’ll want to make sure you’re looking at credible outsourcing partners to get the best result for your business.


You can be more hands-on

From one business owner to another, I know that it feels off when you don’t have a direct line to your team. It can feel like you’re not really in charge, and that you don’t know what’s going on in your business.

Thankfully, that isn’t something you need to worry about. Keeping in touch, monitoring progress and assigning tasks can be done almost instantaneously now.

Just be sure not to micromanage!


There are plenty of virtual assistant services out there

Going it alone can be tough – luckily, there are people out there to help.

With the growth in business process outsourcing comes a boom in the number of outsourcing providers. Instead of fumbling around on your own or having to look far and wide for someone with the connections to help you, finding help is easy.

A virtual assistant agency doesn’t just help you find and hire virtual staff – they look after every aspect of your business process outsourcing:

  • Onboarding
  • Payment
  • Local tax
  • Infrastructure
  • HR and management

When looking for a virtual assistant service, just be careful – any booming industry draws in its fair share of opportunists. Do your research to make sure you aren’t being hoodwinked.


Choose VirtualStaff365 for all your Business Process Outsourcing needs

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