In today’s economy, businesses need to look at any options possible to gain an edge over their competitors. That means anything that improves quality, saves time or brings down expenses (preferably all three) is fair game.  And that includes pushing some of your business functions to a third-party.

Why outsource?  There are a number of reasons why businesses outsource, so in this blog post, we’re going to delve deeper into the advantages of outsourcing. Read on!


Benefits of outsourcing

Increase resources and efficiency

Building up a team of offshore staff that are dedicated to working on your business throughout the day bring tremendous opportunities to your business.

An increased team of resources brings increased flexibility to your local team, as they can always have the offshore team do the mundane and repetitive work, while they deal with the issues that can propel your business further.

And its efficient as it keeps costs low while you have a team of people helping you!

Allows you to focus on what you do best

Focus is critical to the success of any business.

Having the resources within the business to get things done will allow you to focus on the important elements of business that needs your attention.

This focus will help your business benefit from your input and reach your goals faster.  

Get access to skilled experts

Outsourcing allows you to access skills that otherwise you might not be able to afford.

I know personally being able to take on a full-time graphic designer was only possible by outsourcing the role. This additional resource was so skilled in the area of design, that he gave us flexibility and an advantage over our competitors.

You can read more about some of the services that we outsource here.

Reduce costs

With savings of up to 80% and in some cases, even more, the cost savings from outsourcing can make a real difference.

Recently, I met with a client wanting us to assist with their team of 30 staff. Their biggest problem was they could not afford staff to work after-hours, weekends and public holidays.

The cost savings achieved by outsourcing meant they could now employ staff to work after-hours, weekends and holidays, thereby providing their customers with excellent service 365 days per year!

Reduce turnaround times

Turnaround times can be reduced by having offshore staff to help to get work done.

If time is critical to your business, employ offshore staff to start working at 1pm or 5pm, and work through the night, to have work ready and completed by the time you come into work the next day.

No need for capital expenditure (capex) or additional office space

When outsourcing work offshore, there is no requirement to sign up for long-term office leases, no need to buy office furniture, or invest in brand new computers.

There is no need to provide office space or infrastructure for your new offshore staff. Our VAs at VirtualStaff365 work from our Manilla-based office… or in some cases, from the comfort of their own homes! This provides you with flexibility to scale up and down without the unnecessary capex required to take on new staff.


Outsourcing gives your business “a competitive edge”

Businesses need a competitive edge and all the benefits listed above will give your business the advantage it needs.

Taking on an offshore team will give your business additional resources, extra flexibility, and targeted focus… all at significantly lower costs.


Are you a Melbourne business in need of virtual staff?

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