Advantages of outsourcing

“Do what you do best… and outsource the rest”
– Legendary management consultant, educator, and author Peter Drucker (also known as the “founder of modern management”.)

Outsourcing presents a number of valuable benefits for businesses all around Australia. When you choose VirtualStaff365 to help recruit and retain stellar outsourcing staff, you will enjoy the following advantages of outsourcing.

Advantages of outsourcing

Scale Up Without
Greatly Increasing Costs

The clearest advantage of outsourcing relates to the obvious cost savings. Increase your business’s skillset without dramatically increasing the costs to maintain this.

Job Description

Focus Your Staff on More
Important Tasks…

Staff can experience burnout and suffer frustrations when they feel like they’re trying to accomplish too much at once. Lessen the burden of staff so they are freer to focus on more important and core business tasks, while your outsourced staff can manage the routine – yet significant – duties.


Productivity and Quality
of Work Increases

When you outsource, you are choosing staff with specialised skills in a particular field. Whether it’s graphic design , SEO , or customer service, your business’s productivity as well as quality of work will soar.


High Quality Work at
a Lower Cost

As we mentioned above, when you select outsourcing staff, you’re choosing individuals with a proven record of specific skills and qualifications. Our talent pool is filled with workers ready to produce consistently high quality work to their employers.

Time and Attendance

Office Space Doesn’t
Need to Change

Increase the capabilities of your workplace without the need to physically change the setting, size, layout, or location of your office space. Your virtual staff in the Philippines contribute to a growing team without the need for a growing office space.


Flexible Working

When you select virtual staff in the Philippines, you can choose whether you would like them to work from their own homes, or we can provide a dedicated office space that they can attend every day. The choice is yours!

Benefits of outsourcing at VirtualStaff365

Benefits of outsourcing
at VirtualStaff365

At first, outsourcing might sound like a slightly risky endeavour. You might ask yourself how you can be confident knowing the correct hours and work and tasks are being completed accurately and to the highest standard. With VirtualStaff365, you don’t need to worry about monitoring your staff; we do it for you!

Our candidates are vetted through a careful qualification process that ensures we end up with a talent pool filled with the most confident, qualified, and skilled employees, ready for your interview.

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VirtualStaff365 is operated by Neville Samuels, who is based right here in Melbourne, along with his team in Manila and Cebu Philippines. Helping Australian businesses to outsource and manage Philippines virtual staff, for all kinds of businesses.

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