Time is a virtue, as well as a value.  When you can add time to your day , in a personal or business sense, then whatever is giving you that value is certainly worth keeping around.

A virtual assistant can be that piece of time or value you have been looking for.  

With only so many hours in the day, it can become an impossible task to get to everything.

With a virtual assistant, you will find you can breathe a little easier, and not be chasing your tail all the time.  

If your virtual assistant is going to be successful in freeing up your time,

there are specific traits and qualities that you should be looking out for, during the recruitment phase.



As your 2-I-C, you want your virtual assistant to be trustworthy.  

You may start out giving him/her general and mundane tasks, but as you progress, and realise just how efficient and necessary they are, you will start to allocate more important and sometimes confidential tasks to them.

These tasks may even cross over into your personal life.

This then requires that you have an honest virtual assistant.  

An honest virtual assistant is one who can put their hand up and say “ I need help, I am not sure I know what to do”.  

Honesty will allow you to trust they can do certain tasks, and tell you when they can’t do others.

We, at VirtualStaff365, pride ourselves on vetting all our virtual assistants and ensuring they are trustworthy individuals.


Open Communicator

Having an open communication system will ensure that the business relationship works well.  

As much as you might like to leave your VA to his/her own devices, and get on with the business of business, or your personal life, you have to touch base regularly, and that may be several times a day.

A regular and scheduled meeting is essential. This will set the tone for how you wish to work and what the critical areas are that need to be handled.  Things can go pear-shaped when there is poor communication.

I always suggest you should speak to your virtual assistant at the start of the day and the end of the day, just to ensure smooth and open communication.



Having a reliable partner in your business or personal life is essential.  

They are there, of course, to make your life easier, free up your time  and not to cause you grief.  If you find your virtual assistant is constantly dropping the ball and letting you down, then they may not be the right assistant.

While catch up meetings are required on a regular basis, you also need to know you can leave them alone to get on with things.



While one can appreciate that we are all human and not infallible, if you find you are having to send back inaccurate work constantly, then your virtual assistant isn’t performing their role properly.

Again, their job is to make your life easier, and having to check work because you are not confident in their accuracy, just defeats the objective of having a virtual assistant.


Works well under pressure

Often times, you will need to rely on your virtual assistant when the going is tough, and that means they will have to work under pressure.  

If you are under pressure, then they will be under pressure.  A great virtual assistant will be able to roll with the punches, and most times this will only be visible when the oven gets hot.

In fact, a good VA will step up to the challenges, and thrive on these moments, always willing to show just how much they are worth.


Goal oriented

Many will think that the role of a virtual assistant is a weak and low position, but in fact, many businesses would not be able to function without them.  

They can be the backbone of the business.

The reason they are like this, is because they are goal-oriented.  

Without goals and the plans set up to achieve those goals, a virtual assistant would not last very long.

Asking questions upfront, along the lines of, “What are your immediate personal or career goals?” and “Have you planned a trip away?” or “Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?” – will tell you whether this virtual assistant is able to plot and plan ahead of time, an important and necessary skill set for this vocation.


Looking for a VA with these good qualities? VirtualStaff365 can help you!

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Yes, you heard it right!  VirtualStaff365 have a pool of talented virtual assistants who possess all the good qualities we have mentioned.

With that, we assure you that you will have someone who can help your business thrive an grow.

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