As Christmas time is fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about ways to reward your virutal staff!


How can you reward your online staff and virtual staff this Christmas?

It’s a just that little bit harder to think of suitable ways to reward your online staff.

As they’re remote, it’s easy to forget about them… even if that’s not your intention!

Although counterintuitive, it’s even easier to forget the staff that keep their head down and just do their work. They need less contact, less interaction and they do a great job, so we don’t have them at the front of our minds when it comes to Xmas time. As the saying goes: “outta sight, outta mind”.

Yet these are the virtual staff members we should be working hard to retain, so please don’t forget about them at this time of year.

Ensure bonuses reach your virtual assistants

In my early years of outsourcing we had one experience where we gave generous increases to virtual assistants. I thought it strange that they never thanked us. But it turns out the service provider retained all such payments for the first two years of the assignment – not happy!

Ensure you devise a clever and foolproof way for your virtual assistants to receive their reward.


How can you reward your virtual staff this year?

Our model is to keep costs low and let the staff show their value to their clients. Therefore we don’t enforce or mandate how clients reward staff at Christmas time.

We do, however, provide assistance and independent advice to help our clients reward their hard-working virtual assistants at Christmas time.

Here are just a few ideas you can use to reward your staff as we enter the festive season.


13th paycheck

A 13th paycheck is a regular annual bonus in the Philippines. If you want to give a bonus at Xmas time to your virtual staff, consider giving it in November, or early December – it takes away the stress when they know in advance that they have some extra funds to pay the Xmas bills


Paid leave

Providing paid annual leave is a great way to reward staff without increasing your monthly expenditure.



Whilst HMO is not standard for virtual assistants, it’s a great benefit to provide your staff, that will not cripple your bank account. HMO = Heath Insurance.


Salary increase

Giving a salary increase does not need to blow your budget. One of our clients asked us how much would be appreciated and he was amazed that a salary increase that would be appreciated amounted to as little as $40 per month per staff member.



At VirtualStaff365, all bonuses or increases are passed all the way through to the staff. We do not retain any part of these payments. Ask your service provider how much they will retain of these payments.

Communicate the rationale for the bonus or increase to your staff – many of our clients don’t have the time to discuss this with their offshore staff, but we urge our clients to do just that – giving them feedback is vital for them to have the confidence they are of value to you and your organisation – and it also ensures transparency.


Unsure how to reward your offshore staff at this time of year?

Feel free to contact me for a frank and honest discussion. It’s what I do.

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