The Philippines is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to providing outsourcing services.  

So it was no surprise when we recently decided to go to Manila.   On behalf of our clients, we spent considerable time meeting, interviewing and researching outsourcing providers (BPOs) in the Philippine capital .

However, in our search for the best ones, we had the opportunity to work with different providers.  But over time, we had to eliminate some of them from our panel.   

We have looked into a variety of reasons why these providers had to be eliminated from our short list.  



Why eliminate an outsourcing provider from our panel?

Your outsourcing provider becomes a partner in your business.  We want to make sure that a provider is a business that we would want to work with and we have full trust in their capabilities and infrastructure.

There are many reasons why some outsourcing providers are removed from our panel.  

It could be because of:

  • direct result of an experience we have with them
  • the pricing is not right
  • or  other times it’s because of less objective but no less significant reasons

We have recently stopped using a provider because their pricing was inconsistent.

For us, it’s about offering great service and excellent value at the same time, making it very important to get that part of the equation right.

One of the providers we eliminated from our panel advised us their pricing was high because of the investment they have in infrastructure. We have no qualms about it if the is bulletproof.

However, I found out that there had been big storms in the area the week prior and I asked some of the staff how they managed through the storm .

As it turned out, their internet connection failed.  And two agents handling time-critical workloads had to go to a director’s apartment to work.

If I hadn’t dug a little deeper, I would never have known this.

Given what happened, this service provider was removed from our panel.

How does an outsourcing service provider stay on the panel?

Staying on the panel is no rocket science.  Take this provider  who spent 5 months working with us to source a highly skilled data analyst.

It was a tough ask but we gave them the assignment as they were making it clear to us that their recruitment department is head and shoulders above the pack.

As it turned out, they were right right!   They’ve excelled in finding the right person.  To add to that, the process was seamless and very thorough.

Because of the great performance, the client was rapt!  

Have you considered these issues?

Our process never ends.  And we have learnt first-hand some interesting idiosyncrasies about the outsourcing industry.

We have observed some very interesting issues that must be considered or looked into when finding the best outsourcing service provider.

Here is a taste of what we discovered:

  • One of our processes is to present a range of employee profiles and salaries and we asked each of the four providers in the panel to advise us what the monthly cost for each employee will be.  As the salary is a clearly defined number, each provider should return with an  identical, or almost identical salary cost to our clients.  However, this was not the case.  In fact each of the 4 providers on our panel all returned with different costs and each cost was correct. Why?  Because they each treat the salary differently, and have different add-ons to the salary paid to your team.  No answer was wrong. It’s therefore important to understand how your team’s salary will be calculated, and what is included and what’s not


  • When presented with a professional brochure including photos of a schmick hi-rise office block, it’s done to impress you. It may be hard for you to do – but simply ignore these photos – they are 100% irrelevant.  Some of the best providers we use are in office blocks that from the outside look  ordinary. It’s all about what happens inside the office and that is where your team sits and works for you for approx 9 hours each day.


  • Each provider will require you sign a Master Service Agreement. Make sure it covers everything that matters to you, even down to the size of the ergonomic chair you want your staff to be sitting in.

It may appear to be a small issue but there some big meaty issues might come out in the future if you do not address upfront.  Make sure to address all possible issues or else they will come back to bite you.


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