Virtual Staff for PPC and SEO Philippines

Once you have your SEO or PPC strategy worked out, you need someone to do the work. An SEO or PPC virtual assistant in the Philippines can help you run, manage, and report on campaigns, as well as any other work required to improve the performance of your business’s online marketing strategy.

Whether it’s a content-management strategy, a link-building strategy, or a PPC campaign, it makes sense to have a virtual assistant to do the work for you.

Virtual Staff for PPC and SEO Philippines

Content Writing

Blogs and content writing can often make up a large part of a campaign, and researching and creating content can take a lot of time. A Virtual Assistant that has experience in research and writing will save effort and time.

Remember that your Virtual Assistant is based in the Philippines, and they are writing in their second language. This means that the writing may require small edits, but we have always found excellent quality content writers.

Job Description

Social Media

Ongoing social media management can quickly ends up being a distraction from your business’ main game. A virtual assistant that specialises in social media can curate your social media content and organise your social media calendar, saving you time and ensuring your social media strategy is implemented.



Link-building can be time-consuming, and a virtual assistant with link-building experience is the perfect addition to your SEO campaign.



Keyword research and PPC campaign implementation can be done by a virtual assistant that has PPC experience and been trained to manage these campaigns. Choose a virtual assistant who understands all there is to know about PPC to create your landing page and set up your campaigns.

Finding the Right Assistant For You

Finding the Right
Assistant For You

Like any employee in your business, your virtual assistant Philippines must report to someone in your organisation who will be able to monitor the performance of their work and the SEO and PPC campaign.

The strategy and vision of your SEO/ PPC campaigns must be well laid out so your assistant can implement the strategy according to your business needs. Once you have your campaign vision and strategy, we’ll help you to find the right resource.

How Much Does a SEO / PPC Virtual Staff Cost?

The hourly cost can vary depending on the range of experience and knowledge of each candidate. If your budget is within $8 – $15 per hour, we can find you the right resource.

Let us help you recruit the right marketing professional for your project and business. Call now on 0402 116 606 to discuss your needs, or click here to request a call.

How Much Does a SEO PPC Virtual Staff Cost

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