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The supply chain process is a long and tedious process, often requiring many touch points between the factory, suppliers, shippers, freight company etc.

All these tasks are time-consuming and it holds your resources back from doing the work in your business that will drive sales and improve your margin.

So it’s perfect to have your supply chain work done by a virtual staff member. You can even build a team to manage all your supply chain processes, ensuring timely delivery of your products.


With experience with supply chain / logistics / freight, we’ll help find you a talented team

Our experience helping importers find the right talent allows us to help you find talented people in a range of roles that can help with:

  • overseeing the import process once PO’s have been issued
  • liaising with factories in China and other countries
  • booking containers and communicating with freight forwarders
  • handling local freight needs around Australia
  • dealing with 3PL’s, ensuring stock reports are accurate and timely
  • doing Quality Assurance, ensuring SLA’s with 3PL’s and freight companies are met
  • booking local consignments
  • follow up of local consignments, ensuring deliveries are on time
  • track and trace
  • customer service
  • returns management

Benefits of outsourcing the supply chain process

We often see the buyers in businesses get bogged down with the process of logistics or supply chain.

Liaising with factories, suppliers, and transport companies can take their eye off the main game of sourcing and selecting high margin product.
When you have dedicated resources to manage the supply chain process, once the purchase order has been placed, the buyers in your business will be freed up to continue sourcing product for your business.

Here are some of the other benefits of employing virtual staff to help your supply chain process:

  • Reduce overall overhead cost structure by employing virtual staff
  • Flexibility will allow you to scale up in busy time and easily scale down when its quieter
  • Bringing in skills from other regions can enhance the communication process with your supply chain.

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