It happened one day when I was reading the paper (yes, I still love reading the daily paper).
I was at the dining room table and my son asked me why I had moved the paper so far away from my eyes. I had not realised that gradually my eyes were progressively getting worse, to the point that at a normal distance, I could not read the paper.

In business the same thing happens – gradually bad habits creep in, until one day we discover that all the work that should be done by someone else is in fact being done by the most important person – you!
Let’s go through some of the signs that should be alerting you that you need the help of a virtual assistant:

#1 Tasks are falling through the cracks

virtual assistant helps you in tasks

You know that list of tasks you wanted to get done, and said: “oh, well, I will do them next week”. Then next week comes and goes, and at the end of the week, you realised that those same tasks were still not done. These tasks, whilst they may seem small, build up, like a snowflake, and ends up being an avalanche of tasks, that never get done.

This is a sure sign that you need some help. Someone to assist with those tasks that always need to get done, but just never get off the to-do list

#2 Putting off tasks because you don’t like doing them

Similar to the tasks above, but these are tasks you don’t do, because you just don’t like doing them. We all know the kind of tasks. Bookkeeping is probably the most obvious example of the task we don’t do because we don’t enjoy it. Find out more about hiring a bookkeeper.

Do we have to then do these tasks, even if we don’t enjoy doing them? Well in some cases, there is simply no way to avoid it, but there is also no reason to do

Well in some cases, there is simply no way to avoid it, but there is also no reason to do it, if we recognise that:

2.1 We can pay someone else to do it better than ourselves
2.2 Our time is more valuable spent elsewhere

Putting off these tasks may also be putting our business in jeopardy, and risking all the hard work we have already done, thus a virtual assistant is a must.

#3 Wanting to focus more on your core business

virtual assistant helps you

As your business grows and evolves you will need to re-align your focus on the business.

My wife knows that whenever she hears me say I am out of control, I will use this to prompt me to let go of an aspect of the mundane part of the business, so that I can re-focus on the parts of the business that need me.

And the parts of the business that need me, are never the same. Any part of my business that is repetitive and ongoing, becomes mundane, and this is a sign that I need to let go of it.
Build a process to be followed and have it done by someone else.

#4 You know you need help, but you’re not sure you can afford it

You reach a point in any business or organisation where you put your hand up and say:
“I need help”, but you just can’t afford it. Or your manager says the business has not budgeted for more wages.

That’s where we can help.

Not only is the cost of wages in the Philippines low, but we can also help to find staff working from home. So you save on wages, but you also save costs when it comes to office space, computers, furniture etc.

Hire a virtual assistant

Once you have identified that you do need some help so that you can focus your energy elsewhere in your life, whether it’s your business, your family or to catch the next wave somewhere, you can hire a virtual assistant to help you reach that goal.

To find out more about our low cost options of home-based staff, or the more secure office-based solution, please feel free to contact me directly.