Far too many business owners struggle with their workloads – you may be one of them.

Business owners that have made the lead unanimously agree that hiring a virtual assistant has a huge impact on their productivity.

Yet in spite of this, many never realise the potential that virtual assistants present!

Do you use one of these common excuses to justify not hiring a virtual assistant? Here’s why these excuses are flat-out wrong, and why the time you’ll get back are more than worth it.

Desperate businessman working in the office late at night and overloaded with work, his desktop is covered with paperwork: business management and deadlines

Excuse #1: ‘I can do it alone, I don’t need help.’

There are a couple of traits that are essential for successful business owners to survive. Long-term thinking, money management… and of course, self-reliance and a can-do attitude.

Both of these are great traits for business owners… sometimes however, it can prove detrimental.

Case in point: it can lead to your workload becoming unbearable.

Many business owners struggle through their workload. They think that since they’re the owner, it’s their job to do all of that work. Admin, customer service, bookkeeping… the list of responsibilities goes on and on.

As a business owner, your focus should be on:

  • Growing the business
  • Talking to potential clients
  • Expansion your business
  • Long-term planning

These are crucial tasks. Moreover, they’re jobs that only business owners can perform. If you’re busy with boilerplate work, you’re not going to have any time left for these big-picture responsibilities. And that means a business that doesn’t grow as much as it could.

By taking all the repetitive work such as bookkeeping and filing receipts off your hands, virtual staff give you the opportunity to focus on what’s important – or to take time off.

In summation, delegation is not a dirty word!


Excuse #2: ‘I had a bad experience with a virtual assistant in the past.’

Maybe this isn’t your first rodeo. Perhaps you’ve hired a virtual assistant in the past, only for things to fail spectacularly.

That’s because many virtual assistant services simply pull names from a pre-existing pool of candidates. Instead of finding the perfect person, they simply pull somebody they have on retainer.

Needless to say, this often leads to sub-par virtual staffing experiences.

We understand that a bad experience may have put you off hiring a virtual assistant again. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right virtual assistant service.

Instead of pulling from staff on retainer, VirtualStaff365 does everything from scratch. With your input, we create a unique job description that directly addresses what you need in a VA.

We then perform as many rounds of interviews as you require, even inviting you to sit in on them via Skype. This ensures your business receives the perfect virtual worker for the role.

You increase your work productivity and at the same time, you focus more on managing your business.

Empty wallet in hands no money to hire a virtual assistant

Excuse #3: ‘I can’t afford a VA.’

This is a common excuse. And in our experience, it’s demonstrably false.

Let’s start with set-up costs. All of our virtual staff either work from their own homes or in an office we’ve set up. You don’t need to buy new computers, desks or pay electricity bills. While we’ve talked about this several times in the past, it bears repeating.

And how could we forget wages? Thanks to the strong Aussie dollar and low cost-of-living overseas, VirtualStaff365 is able to save you anywhere between 50-80% on the cost of wages.

Finally, there’s the matter of invoicing. We make sure that you’re only charged a flat monthly fee. Unlike other virtual assistant services, we don’t charge a finder’s fee. Nor do we charge set-up costs. Or cancellation fees, for that matter – you’re free to walk away at any stage in the first 6 months with as little as 24 hours notice.

While the goal of virtual staffing is to give you your time back, we understand that money is equally important. That’s why we make hiring virtual staff as affordable as possible.


Excuse #4: ‘I don’t have time to go through the searching process of finding a VA.’

If you don’t have the time, there’s good news: you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want.

Hiring is time-consuming. Hiring somebody who’s based in an entirely different country is doubly so.

The good thing about hiring the right virtual assistant is you don’t have to do it alone.

A reliable outsourcing provider like VirtualStaff365 helps manage the entire hiring process. If you want, we can even take the entire process off your hands – if you want, you can be completely hands-off asides from the initial meet and final interview.

More importantly though, a virtual assistant saves you significantly more time in the long-run. If you ask us, that easily outweighs the time spent hiring them!


Stop making excuses – hire a virtual assistant to start saving time!

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Don’t buy in to these excuses when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant.

Overcoming these excuses is just the first step on your path towards getting your time back.

The second? Finding a suitable virtual assistant service.

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