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What our clients say

Ian Aldridge

Alan Takle

Takle Developments

In 2016 we approached Neville Samuels of Virtual Staff 365 enquiring about outsourcing creative services to reduce our overheads whilst maintaining quality and reliability. Neville arranged Skype interviews with suitably qualified offshore professionals.

We engaged one of these professionals at a very attractive hourly rate saving approximately $40,000 per annum

Neville has maintained diligent contact with us during and after the settling in period.

I could not speak more highly of Neville’s commitment to client satisfaction and genuine care for our business.

Ian Aldridge

Dov Herdan


The sheer volume of data entry we need to do each time new season ranges are released is enormous. We employed a virtual assistant using VirtualStaff365, and we have never looked back. We now have three employees and most of our back-end work is done this way. We could not afford to grow this fast!

I love being able to login to the client portal and be able to see what my staff are doing – it gives me peace of mind.

Ian Aldridge

David Gabriel

CEO – Lenrose Manufacturing Jeweller

Neville and his team have been fantastic. Assisting us with office admin tasks and social media planning, his remote staff are friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend VirtualStaff365.

Ian Aldridge

Fadi Mubarak


I had a very specific requirement for a VA, and the team at VirtualStaff365 understood my needs right from the start. Within a few days I was introduced to Jake who has turned out to be a great VA, and Jake’s work has far exceeded my expectations.

I would definitely recommend anyone needing a VA to call Neville at VirtualStaff365.

Ian Aldridge

Andrew Zafiropoulos

Cafe 80

I was introduced to Neville, as I had a huge data entry workload to be done with Xero that I needed to be completed in a short space of time. Neville made sure my virtual assistant was at work each day on time, the work was done within budget, and I never had to worry about anything.

I highly recommend Neville and VirtualStaff365.

Ian Aldridge

Lauren Cassimatis

Cafe 80

Michael and Neville are fantastic to work with. They search for, interview and recruit the perfect assistants for your business. Communication is great. You are in full control of the selection process and are assured complete transparency. The assistants they recruited for me were amazing too. Great skills, knowledge, attitude and work ethic.

Ian Aldridge

Sally Wilson

Michael’s great at understanding exactly what you need in terms of virtual assistance, finding the right person or people with the right skills, and facilitating the process so that everything happens seamlessly. I highly recommend his services!

Ian Aldridge

Andrew Marmont

I have known and worked with Neville for a few years now and I have always been impressed by his attentiveness, his innovation, and his desire to provide a premium customer service. Reach out to Neville if you are thinking about outsourcing – he’ll give you straight-up advice.

Ian Aldridge

Joss Milner

I had a big task that needed doing. Outsourced it to Neville at VirtualStaff365, he found Jane who did a very good job, it was completed faster than expected and below the initial budgeted estimate. Very happy with the quality and the whole service in general, would highly recommend.

Ian Aldridge

Gabby Hegerty

Neville and his team at VirtualStaff365 managed to find us 3 wonderful women in a very short space of time to help us with a 3-month assignment.

At the start I was uncertain about the process, and how it would work but Neville guided me through it and the whole process and set up was easy and seamless.

The work is now almost completed, and we’re delighted. We will be using them again for upcoming projects. Highly recommended.

Ian Aldridge

Bill Kyriacou

Neville and his team are responsive and also provided support and advice on setup and training. Having worked with Neville previously, I had no hesitation working with him again and appreciate his team’s efforts to ensure our requirements have been met and exceeded. We are very happy with our new team member and the on-going support.

Ian Aldridge

TPR The Perfect resume

Working with VirtualStaff365 has been a seamless, positive experience. I highly recommend them. Originally, I searched for hours and trialed a few directly engaged Virtual Assistants, it was a soul destroying exercise; spending time to train the VA up, hoping they would stay, losing money from not being able to be at 100% capacity in the business during training, navigating cultural and language barriers etc. With Virtual Staff I experienced none of this agony! The team had a selection of VA’s for me to select within weeks, I selected 3 to interview and my VA has been AMAZING from day one. Due to previous experience in a similar line of work to the business, there was minimal training, no language barriers and I’m working at a much higher capacity that I was before. Don’t look anywhere else, the team at VirtualStaff365 have you covered!!

Ian Aldridge

Dil Widanage

Great service , advice communication. I would highly recommended Neville and his team.

Ian Aldridge

Mark S

I have built up a great professional relationship with Neville. Integrity and Professionalism at its best. :)

Ian Aldridge

Brad Hales

Neville and his team were recommended to us and I am glad they were.
The entire process of recruiting has been as professional as you could hope for and the ongoing support is extraordinary.
Congratulations Neville.

You have been a tremendous assistance to allowing us to continue growing our business in a very competitive environment.

Ian Aldridge

Renier Oosthuizen

We’re completely new to the off-shoring concept. Neville guided and advised us through the whole process – from job descriptions thru to the interviews. His team selected very suitable candidates and organised the interviews professionally. They assisted during the induction period and ongoing management can not be faulted. I am sure our offshore team is going to make a growing contribution to our business growth & profitability

Ian Aldridge

Kirsty Aldridge

Redshift Consultancy

We engaged Neville to recruit and provide administration support for our company from June 2018 until November 2018.

During each stage of the process, we found Neville and his team to be extremely professional, efficient and courteous towards our needs. Neville was very attentive at the beginning of the process to ensure we recruited the right employee, along with the setting up of procedures. Once the communication channels between myself and the employee were in place, Neville let us manage our employee as we wished, however he was always only a telephone call away, should we require further assistance.

Our employee, Jane, was exceptional. She was a very reliable employee, extremely punctual with no attendance issues what so ever. Jane was a very quick worker, so much so that it was hard to keep up with the volume of work she was producing! Jane was very capable in her role, able to work independently and was an excellent communicator. We would definitely love to work with Jane again in the future.

Therefore, this campaign was a very successful and extremely cost effective way of meeting our short-term administrative needs. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Neville and his team and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend VirtualStaff365, as we will certainly use Neville’s services for our future needs.

Ian Aldridge

Dr Zelman Lew

What an amazing concept! Not only do you save costs and manage to run your business better and for more hours per day, but this enables businesses to expand and employ more people, in better and more satisfying roles. Also that very business may be able to grow and improve the economy.

Neville S is a terrific operator and makes it happen seamlessly!

Ian Aldridge

Rachel Morley

Highly recommended – Neville found a professional & highly competent virtual assistant who was able to begin work within a matter of a couple of days. Neville is a pleasure to deal with – he understands my work logistics and knows how to found the right staff required.

Ian Aldridge

Declan Reynolds

Neville it’s great to work with and has provided both myself, and clients of mine, with great outsourcing staff.

He makes it very easy to do.

Ian Aldridge

Catherine McCully

So professional and always communicating with us – proactive and preventative. Highly recommend VirtualStaff365 to anyone needing to outsource any admin! Neville was fantastic at explaining the realities of working for virtual staff and then found us the perfect staff member for our team!

Ian Aldridge

Anita Scott-Murphy

I highly recommend Neville and his team at VirtualStaff365. We have used their services over the past couple of years and have been very pleased with their professionalism and personal approach to our companies needs.

Ian Aldridge

Anita Aarons

Neville and the staff at Virtual Staff 365 are fantastic. The work that I needed was done quickly and accurately and I highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for virtual staff solutions.

Ian Aldridge

King Chen

Honestly impressed with their outcome

Ian Aldridge

Alan lotzoff

Most professional and thorough service. It feels we have the staff member next door. I can highly recommend Neville & his team

Ian Aldridge

Digiseed Manager

Neville was fantastic in helping me with the recruitment process and managing the resource. I highly recommend!

Ian Aldridge

Lin Wee

I have worked with a few other virtual outsourcing companies and VirtualStaff365 are the only company who not just finds and trains the right virtual staff for you, they hold your hand and guide you through the whole process and are always on the front foot with helping you understand how to best work with your virtual staff. I have not met another company who is as involved, as proactive and as caring as VirtualStaff365.

Ian Aldridge

Peter Klein

I needed some back-end work done for me for a number of months and Neville and virtualstaff365 went above and beyond with their service and quality. Thanks. Am looking at now shifting more similar work to them.

Ian Aldridge

Johannah Barton

We have a local Bayside digital agency Confetti Design and we pride ourselves on providing great quality work at an affordable price. When we launched we used local Australian freelancers but quickly found that they often didn’t put us a priority or went awol. This impacted our quality of service and was extremely stressful as a growing small business wanting to build a great reputation.
We then discovered the benefits of dedicated outsourced designers and developers. We tried several companies before being introduced to Brighton based Neville Samuels and his company Virtual Staff 365.

What Virtual Staff 365 offers that other outsourcing doesn’t is strategic approach to help us find the right kind of solution for our needs. Many outsourcing companies will ask what you are looking for and go find it. With other outsourcing providers there was no ‘why you need this type of staff’ or ‘what is your goal’ in the consultation.

Neville is local so I can meet with him if I need to, there is a very efficient and personal person on the ground in the Philippines as well. People often think virtual staff = cheap and it’s not what we wanted, we wanted a safe solution that is overseen by structure and processes as well as value for money to allow us to offer great prices to our customers. Sure you can go and find your own staff directly that are cheaper but there is no quality control or management service that gives you piece of mind. We also tried that and it turned out to be no better than a local freelancer going awol. One of the outsourced staff we have now has been with us for over 4 years now.

We have had multiple hiring experiences with Neville, Michael, Yuri and the 365 team and we are extremely happy to recommend them to any business looking to grow their team with an outsourced staff solution.

Ian Aldridge

Steve Orleow

VirtualStaff365 are a great support to my business and have the ability to supplement both short term requirements and longer term roles. They are professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with.


Benefits of outsourcing at VirtualStaff365

At first, outsourcing might sound like a slightly risky endeavour. You might ask yourself how you can be confident knowing the correct hours and work and tasks are being completed accurately and to the highest standard. With VirtualStaff365, you don’t need to worry about monitoring your staff; we do it for you!

Our candidates are vetted through a careful qualification process that ensures we end up with a talent pool filled with the most confident, qualified, and skilled employees, ready for your interview.

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