Tried and Tested Retention Strategies - Virtual Staff

Good staff are hard to find, and the best ones are certainly harder to keep.

One of the greatest assets in your business is your staff, and one of the biggest issues we hear our clients are facing right now is retaining them.

At Virtualstaff365, I make it a priority to ensure that all our staff are treated extremely well, and with respect, and integrity and I always put staff retention at the top of my list.

The following are some useful tips when it comes to retaining great staff.

Communication: Like in any relationship – excellent communication is key to success. Good communication with your staff daily not only builds trust, mutual respect and relationships but ensures you can tackle any issues together before they escalate and create a happy harmonious environment. I am talking about real, honest, transparent, and constructive communication.

Continuous feedback on performance: People like to know how they are doing, and where to next. Providing continuous feedback sets them up with clear expectations and gives staff aspirations for their future (hopefully with you!). The type of feedback that builds and grows. That creates a desire to contribute beyond expectations.

Work-life balance: As leaders and managers, when staff are working with us, we want them to be focused on the task at hand. Likewise, when they ‘clock off’ it’s equally as important to encourage them to focus on their personal lives – to encourage them to wholeheartedly invest their time and energy in something that is not work-related, be it in their family, sport, or a hobby. Remind them not to brush past important times and memories but to be present in the moment. I think people will naturally feel they can relax and allow themselves to get distracted when they feel safe and supported at work.

Recognition and rewards systems: We have all seen or personally experienced the benefit or positive impact recognition and reward can have on behaviour. Even the simplest praise or celebration of achievements goes such a long way. Make sure you frequently ‘call out’ the good, and express your gratitude for all the hard work your staff put in. With positive attitudes being ever-present, I think people will think twice before they leave.

With the number of resources and the collective effort it takes to find the right people for your business, I believe it is wise to spend time understanding why people are leaving your company.

What are some of the tried and tested retention strategies you are implementing that work well for you?