Taking on virtual staff can be a boon for you business. Virtual employees can:

  • help businesses scale fast
  • provide flexibility and freedom to small business owners
  • keep costs low

But it doesn’t always work out for the best.

If we’re to be honest, our virtual employees, like any employees, do not always work out the way we intended.

Sometimes there is a personality clash.

Sometimes there is lack of trust.

And sometimes, virtual staff simply are not up to the standard we require.

We’re going to discuss some of the signs of a virtual employee not working out, and the steps we can take to either rectify or neutralise the problem.


Why do things go wrong?

There are two reasons why a virtual employee does not work out:

  1. We recruited wrong
  2. The virtual employee has not been trained properly

Our formula at VirtualStaff365 for recruiting is process-driven to ensure we find the right staff, but it does not always work out.

Sometimes we get it wrong.

We try to prevent this from happening by having our clients do final interviews and selection, but it can still go pear shaped when a bad apple slips through.

Training is critical to the success of your virtual employee. If you don’t put the time in to show your virtual assistant what they need to do for you, you can’t expect them to magically read your mind and know what is expected of them!


What are the signs it’s not working?

Here are some of the signs that your virtual staff is not working for you.

  1. You find its quicker and easier to do the work yourself
  2. They keep making the same mistakes, no matter how many times you train them
  3. You find that over time you are losing trust in them
  4. Your gut is telling you it’s not working out


What to do when you identify the problem

Once you identify that it’s not working out, the next question is whether the situation is worth salvaging.

The answers are not always clear cut and defined – there may be some grey areas that we need to work out.

It is normally at this time that I get a call and someone says to me, “It’s not working out.”

I had one of these calls yesterday from a recruitment firm of all places – they’re not even VirtualStaff365 clients, however they wanted some independent advice, and I was happy to help.

If the virtual staff requires some extra hand-holding, and you assess it’s worth the extra effort, then put the time and effort in fast… even if it means something else has to give. It’s worth it in the long run, if your VA is going to help you get things done.

But if the situation is beyond repair, end it fast – it will be weight off your shoulders.


How a Melbourne Virtual Assistant agency can help

Talking to someone can bring clarity to the situation.

Talking to a specialist who has worked with VAs since 2009 will help you understand if the situation if worth saving, or if it’s better to let the staff go, and either start again or look at other ways to get the work done.

Sometimes a VA is not the best solution! Call me, I’m always happy to chat, even if you’re not a client of ours.

But when your gut tells you it’s not working, always remember: hire slow, fire fast!